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Is he worth keeping in a dynasty league? He got nicked up already and hasn't been as big of force in the 4-3...2 pt tackle1 ast5 sack5 FR5 intbonus 5 for every 3 tck10 for 3 sacksOther DL's on the roster: grant, M. williams, Bosch...thinking about Berry if suggs goes...

I also have Suggs and have been dissapointed with his production so far this year.I was going to give him this week yet against the Jets. With the way that team is banged up right now if he can't have a good day against them I don't believe he could have a good day against anyone.Berry would be a solid replacement for Suggs. However, in a dynasty league I don't know if I would get rid of him. He has way too much potential down the road. If you have an extra roster spot he is definitely worth stashing.

i would definitely keep suggs in dynasty... you could be kicking yourself if he is top 5 sack guy as soon as '06... he had like 22 sacks in first two seasons, & didn't come from nowhere... scouts were divided on him due to his supposedly slow 40 time (jerry rice was notorious for slow 40, so go figure... suggs plays faster than his 40 time... billick said he would worry when DEs had to run 40 yards to chase a QB for a sack), but he led nation in sacks the year of his draft.if BAL improves on offense in future (possible?), & they actually get to play with a lead for a change & downhill so to speak, suggs owners should begin to see some sacks roll in.berry is a stud, but 30+... it would be great if you could keep suggs, add berry & cut somewhere else on roster... assuming you didn't have to cut somebody better (but at another position).

Suggs off topic here- I found an old USA Today sports section dated January 10, 2000. In it they have the High School Players of the Year for each state, plus 10-15 honorable mention players. Plenty of current NFL players. Anyway Terrell Suggs was Arizona POY. Listed as RB/LB. --6'3", 235. Rushed for state best 2,274 yards, averaging 7.6 yards a carry, and had 26 touchdowns for 10-2 Class 5A quarterfinalist. College choices: Arizona, Arizona State, Tennessee, Washington, Oklahoma.

So, he was a dominant rb in high school at that size. Wonder how fast he was, or if he just ran over everyone. 2274 yards divided by 7.6 ypc= 299 carries, divided by 12 games= 25 carries per game. How much defense could he have played ? WOW


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