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**Sunday Night Football - Chiefs at Packers** (+6, 43) 8:20 (1 Viewer)

I would like to know which Green Bay WR is going to be the one to have tonight and if Pacheco/Rice are going to factor heavily again this week
Packers coming off a Turkey Day high in Detroit.
Chiefs offense hasn't looked like the unit we've seen the last few years but they just win.
Chiefs D has been solid this year.
Taylor will distract The Pack. (see what I did there)
Mahomes,Kelce,Swift,Rice,Pacheco,to much for Love and the gang...

Kansas City- 30
Green Bay- 20
The best part about the player introductions is we don’t have to listen to Chris break down the play or gush on a player. I wish he would retire.
I know it worked, but I still hate that play call.

Dillon gashing them. So at the 1 why not just hand the ball to him one more time?

So much can go wrong on a PA pass.

I don’t get it at all.
Chiefs fan here….

This game has had me nervous all week. Pack looking much better the past month, and Chiefs are a little bit of a mess offensively.

Love looked very good on that first drive.

See if Chiefs can answer.
I can't remember the last time I was actually worried about Kelce producing, but I am.. I need a TD and like 60 yards from him.
Sisters . . . sisters . . . there were never such devoted sisters

Love that song and advertisement. Little swing for your thing right there.
Dontayvion Wicks - he’s always open!
Several years ago I picked up a kid named Hill, held him only a couple of weeks and dropped him for a different dart.

5 or 6 weeks ago I picked up a kid named Wicks, held him only a couple of weeks and dropped him for a different dart.


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