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**Sunday Night Football - Vikings at Broncos** (-3, 41.5) 8:20 (2 Viewers)

Minnesota has dominated most of this game time to bench Chandler now for missing block so who is up next for RB ?
Well, that's not what MN wanted.

Will Denver kick another field goal or will they finally give it to Javonte and see what he can do with it?
3 man rush, no pressure, Russell finds a way to convert it into a sack
Yeah, pretty bad

Plus he's just no fun to watch play anymore. Him a Baker are painful even when they do put up a good game

PFF has pretty cool tool that gives you expected fantasy points.

For instance, while Tony Pollard isn't playing as well - he's not breaking tackles at anywhere near the rate he was a year ago - he has an expected value of 9 TDs. He has scored 2. Super bad luck.

Conversely, Wilson has an expected value of 14 passing TDs coming into tonight. Somehow he has 18. Like it's pretty random and dumb luck but it makes it appear he's playing better than he actual has.
JFC Jeudy how the do you drop that JFC that sucked

How on earth do you roster Jeudy unless he fell like three rounds in ADP?
I have tons of Jeudy because he started going in the 6th and 7th rounds. Then I have all kinds of injuries like to Higgins all over the place and forced to start him in a few leagues.

Oh and also this thing called Dynasty.
Apparently I should benched the starter and played the backup sure would been better if Mattison just had been inactive and I would played Chandler
Oh and also this thing called Dynasty

Yeah, I play it. I steered so far away from this guy in dynasty. Lamb, Jefferson, and Ruggs were the WRs I considered in the first that year. Jeudy was a DND in the first as far as I was concerned. I'll admit I was too enamored of Ruggs, but I nailed Jeudy.

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