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Which #12 wins this Sunday?

  • Brandin Cooks - Rams

    Votes: 20 47.6%
  • Scientifically Proven Cheater - Pats

    Votes: 22 52.4%

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I guess it is ok to talk NFL here, ok cool.

There is a scene in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Butch and Sundance are riding guard with that old guy (remember).

Sundance....ah...why aren't we worried right now? (heading up the hill and the goods)

Old man....we don't have anything to steal going up.

Sundance...oh yeah

Something like that.

There we had a lack of experience, which will be the Rams right now tonight and tomorrow and this whole situation.  This gang of Rams in a whole new world to them, while these Pats are..ho hum...another Superbowl.  Totally experienced at the top, they know exactly how to deal with all of this.......again.

Tom Brady is the greatest QB we have ever seen while Bill Belichick is the greatest head coach, and they are a tag team here vs two young guys who have never won anything at this level.  Think The Roadwarriors vs The Mulkey's.

What has me concerned is will the party end up a dud because the Rams can't hang.  All that beer, all that food and the game pretty much over by halftime because of a bad non call that kept the best NFC team at home. I hate trying to make small talk at parties.

From an historical perspective those Cleveland, LA, St. Louis, LA Rams one of the more interesting franchises ever.  Hell..."The Tank" "Deacon" (not talking Jones) "Crazy Legs" "Jaguar" "Dutchman" "Hacksaw" "Touchdown Tommy" "The Fearsome Foursome",  "Greatest Show on Turf". So many great players, so many Hall of Famers. Hell...."Night Train"....yep, a Ram for a season.

Would you believe the Rams once traded nine players for Olympic 400m*** bronze medalist Ollie Matson (HOF)

But........that was then and this is now.

Pats 28 Rams 17....outcome never in doubt, the Rams scoring late, not as close as the score.

*** Robert Woods the nations top 400m (HS) sprinter while at Serra HS (Tom Brady an alum)

We always hear about the speed of Brandin Cooks. While at Oregon State he ran on the Beavers track team, his 100m PR...10.72. Putting that in perspective, 


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The team I choose/want to win the SB usually loses about 95% of the time. This year I am picking LAR so place your bets on NE.

Give Brady and Belichick this long to prepare and it's tough sleddin' for the opposition.  Rooting for the local Rams but the Pats should take this.

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If you had told me that the Rams would hold NE to thirteen points and proceed to lose the game, I would have looked at you dumbfounded. This is why I personally don't gamble on sports. I think it's everybody's right to; just not my cup of tea.  

Wild smoke. 13-3. How 'bout them apples?!  


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