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***Tampa Bay (-10.5) at Atlanta*** O/U 50.5 Antonio Brown-OUT, (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain

Bucs Defense is a little banged up, believe the Safety-Whitehead is OUT, don't know if Ridley is available this week but I'm thinking not or we would have heard more. 50.5 with no Ridley or AB potentially...hmmmm

Tampa Bay 24...Atlanta 8


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Bucs D has been banged up all year. No AB no big deal. Can't see Falcons and Ryan hanging with Bucs and Brady too long,so.......

Bucs- 34

Falcons- 20

I might think the Bucs will try and win by a lot to send some different messages to both other teams and even within their own organization

I was saying 24-8 but I'm going to add a bit more the Bucs side 

Bucs 31...Atlanta 8

Still kinda like the under with Ridley out, Bucs just need to focus on 1 or 2 guys out there and corral them. 

It sucks to lose a couple points in FF, but for Brady winners who have enjoyed him all season throwing the MOST TDs in the entire NFL with 30 coming into today and another 3 in the 1st Half...he's gonna need another 3 in the 2nd half  :thumbup:


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