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TE Irv Smith Jr. - KC (1 Viewer)

Per Pro Football Focus, Alabama TE Irv Smith led all SEC tight ends in passer rating when targeted this season.

Alabama quarterbacks' posted a 157.7 passer rating when targeting Smith, over 10 points higher than Georgia TE Isaac Nuata's 146.4 rating. Smith racked up 710 yards and seven touchdowns on 44 receptions in 2018 and is likely to be a top-40 pick according to the Athletic's Dane Brugler. With a strong performance at the NFL Scouting Combine there's a chance Smith is selected in the first round.

SOURCE: Pro Football Focus on Twitter

Feb 10, 2019, 11:59 AM

The Athletic's Dane Brugler said Alabama TE Irv Smith will be drafted "somewhere top-40."

Brugler doesn't rule out a first-round selection when it's all set and done, and it's easy to see why. As a junior at Alabama, Smith averaged 11.5 yards per target, and he leads the tight end class in Marginal Explosion, which measures big plays. Smith was a threat in the red zone as well, so he has a profile that sets up nicely for receiving production at the next level. In a recent mock draft, The Draft Network's Joe Marino sent Smith to the New England Patriots with the No. 32 overall pick. That would be a dream landing spot if Gronk retires.

SOURCE: Dane Brugler on Twitter

Feb 8, 2019, 4:49 PM

The Draft Network's Joe Marino believes Alabama TE Irv Smith will be in play for the Patriots first-round pick.

Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski has been dealing with excessive amounts of injuries and may retire after this season, leaving them with a gaping hole at the position. Marino is high on Smith as a potential Gronk replacement saying he's "a potent receiver to all levels of the field with the ability to lineup flexed or in-line." As Brady gets older, the Patriots will need a strong blocking tight end for a more run-heavy approach. That shouldn't be a problem as Marino notes "As a blocker, Smith has the play strength and technical refinement to exchange power in the trenches or execute blocks from anywhere in the offensive formation."

SOURCE: The Draft Network

Feb 3, 2019, 12:39 PM

ESPN's Todd McShay ranks Alabama junior TE Irv Smith as his No. 31 overall prospect in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Smith (6'4/241) has "a lot of speed and athleticism for a big tight end." In this year's breakout campaign, Smith is averaging 12.0 yards per target and has scored seven touchdowns on just 54 looks. Smith will get one more shot at improving his stock in the Championship Game against Clemson tomorrow night before likely heading to the draft -- he has yet to declare -- as a Day 2 candidate. With multiple underclassmen declaring early, the tight end position is now among the strongest in the 2019 NFL Draft.


Jan 6, 2019, 9:40 AM

Draft Analyst's Tony Pauline lists Alabama junior TE Irv Smith as one of his "risers" after his performance against Mississippi State on Saturday.

Alabama is loaded with talented players, and Smith sometimes gets lost in the shuffle despite being one of the most productive tight ends in college football. He picked up five catches for 70 yards in the victory, and he's gone over the century mark and scored in several games for the Crimson Tide this season. "While he must improve his blocking strength, Smith’s intensity and effort are next-level worthy," Pauline writes. "The senior class of tight ends leaves a lot to be desired, but Smith is one of a handful of underclassmen who presently rank as top-75 pick."

SOURCE: Draft Analyst

Nov 14, 2018, 5:53 PM
Alabama junior TE Irv Smith is making "first-round noise," according to ESPN's Todd McShay.

McShay says Smith is one of the most underrated prospects in this next draft class, pointing to his "very good speed and athleticism" and projecting him to be "a tough matchup in the NFL, especially when in multiple-TE sets." Smith (6'4/241) only has adequate size, but he's showed to be an extremely dangerous receiving weapon in Alabama's devastating offense.


Oct 23, 2018, 11:54 AM

Alabama TE Irv Smith ran the 40-yard dash in 4.63 seconds at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Smith (6'2/242) tying San Jose State's Josh Oliver for the third-fastest 40-yard sprint on Saturday. He earlier turned in 19 reps on the bench press. While maybe not quite as heralded as Iowa tight end pair Noah Fant/T.J. Hockenson, Smith is a potential first-round prospect in his own right. The Athletic's Dane Brugler believes that he will come off the board within the first 40 picks.


Mar 2, 2019, 9:38 AM

Probably the best hands catcher in drills at the combine as well.  Dude passed the day easily.  Probably an adequate blocker, although I don't really know, but he's a great pass catcher.  

so if he lands in NE does he jump ahead of Fant or Hockenson? seems to be the odd man out right now of the TE discussion but he seems to be the second best complete package TE in this draft. 

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The Ringer's Danny Kelly compares Alabama TE Irv Smith to Delanie Walker.

Walker is 6-foot-2 and 248 pounds, so it's a direct physical comparison to Smith (6'2/242). At Alabama, Smith was an impressive receiver, averaging 11.5 yards per target while leading the SEC tight ends in passer rating when targeted. After running a 4.63-second 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine, Smith locked up a top-50 selection with a chance to go late in the first round.

SOURCE: The Ringer

Mar 17, 2019, 5:07 PM
Was anybody else worried after his combine? He's on the small side for a TE and wasn't anything special athletically. 

NFL Media analyst Lance Zierlein compares Alabama TE Irv Smith to former NFL TE Ben Watson.

Watson was a long-time contributor in the league who was a top option (at times) for the Patriots, Saints and Ravens. Zierlein notes that Smith can run an extensive route tree, and that he might be too much for linebackers to handle man-on-man. He does believe he needs to "play faster" at times, and his effort in the blocking area comes into question. "His buildup speed sets him apart as a big, field-stretching option and once he gets rolling after the catch," writes Zierlein. "O.J. Howard was bigger, and a better athlete, but like Howard, Smith offers Pro Bowl potential as a well-rounded tight end prospect."


Mar 26, 2019, 2:52 PM
Rotoworld's Josh Norris passes along that Alabama TE Irv Smith is visiting the Jacksonville Jaguars on Tuesday.

While the Jags draft too high in the first round (No. 7) to realistically be looking at Smith for Day 1, the 6-foot-2, 242-pounder might be in range for their second-round selection at No. 38. We have seen Smith mocked into the late first round during the evaluating season, but that should not be viewed as a consensus range.

SOURCE: Josh Norris on Twitter

Apr 9, 2019, 8:59 AM
so if he lands in NE does he jump ahead of Fant or Hockenson? seems to be the odd man out right now of the TE discussion but he seems to be the second best complete package TE in this draft. 
I'd imagine that it would depend on where those guys land.  If one of them ends up like Goedert and ends up playing second fiddle to an established TE then maybe but if they end up on teams likely to use them for something other than as an extra blocker then they likely stay ahead of him, IMHO.  I've seen him ahead of Fant on some rankings though due to Fant having inconsistent hands and not being much of a blocking TE. 

Bleacher Report's Matt Miller wrote in his analysis of Alabama TE Irv Smith that he can "be an impact blocker or receiver no matter the situation."

"Versatile offensive weapon who can play tight end, fullback or a mix of the two," Miller also wrote in his analysis. Smith (6'2/242) has been projected by many to be a second round draft prospect, with there being a chance that he sneaks into the back end of the first round. The former Alabama tight end did not have the best Combine with regards to his physical measurements or athletic testing, but the versatility and on-field work should ensure that he doesn't fall outside of the top 50 picks later this month.

SOURCE: Bleacher Report

Apr 14, 2019, 6:02 PM

Senior Bowl director Jim Nagy predicts the New England Patriots to select Alabama TE Irv Smith with their 32nd overall pick.

Whichever tight end gets selected by the Patriots will fly up dynasty rankings, and if the Patriots don't trade up for T.J. Hockenson or Noah Fant, they will assuredly be considering Smith (6'2/242). Of course, the actual probability of Smith landing in New England is low, but that first-round pick is in Smith's perceived draft range. If things go as planned, Smith will be selected between No. 25 and No. 50 overall.

SOURCE: Jim Nagy on Twitter

Apr 15, 2019, 9:29 PM
Brad Crawford of CBS Sports projects the Jacksonville Jaguars to select Alabama TE Irv Smith with the 38th pick in his Day 2 2019 NFL Mock Draft.

There are several Day 2 mock drafts, and the overwhelming majority have this pick. And it makes sense; keep in mind that the Jaguars likely would have taken T.J. Hockenson if Josh Allen wouldn't have slid to them for inexplicable reasons. Smith is considered the top tight end left on the board, and he would give Nick Foles a threat over the middle -- with underrated blocking -- in the 2019 campaign.

SOURCE: 247 Sports

Apr 26, 2019, 2:57 PM
Vikings selected Alabama TE Irv Smith with the No. 50 overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Smith (6’2/242) succeeded O.J. Howard as the Crimson Tide’s primary tight end, turning pro after three seasons with a career 58/838/10 (14.4 YPR) receiving line. As a 2018 junior, Smith averaged 16.1 yards per catch and generated a 157.7 passer rating when targeted to lead all SEC tight ends. Although Smith’s 4.63 forty impressed in Indy, his sluggish three-cone time (7.32) aligned with his college tape, where Smith showed limited agility and post-catch shake. Smith won’t turn 21 until August and has ample room for growth, but he may max out as a situational "move" tight end and lacks the long-term ceiling of Noah Fant or T.J. Hockenson. Immediately following the selection, NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah reported Kyle Rudolph's name had been "floating around" in trade rumors. If Smith doesn't overtake an every-down role for the Vikings this season, he's in line to start in 2020 following Rudolph's inevitable release once his contract is up next year.

Apr 26, 2019, 6:34 PM

Struggling where to place Irv in my tiers.  Rudolph is in a contract year.  OC Stefanski seems to favor a two TE set too.

#1 or 2,  all reports Rudolph is going.

TE tier for sure.  he's not far from fant for me.  kind of looking at tiers including all positions.  i like him over some top wrs that people on this board really like.  he'll be in a tier that probably stretches between late 1st to 2nd round for me.  

Struggling where to place Irv in my tiers.  Rudolph is in a contract year.  OC Stefanski seems to favor a two TE set too.
Spielman was saying after the pick that they will not run as many 3 or 4 WR sets as they did last year. They want two TE on the field.

Smith is a similar size and athletic profile as Jordan Reed who seemed to be Kirk Cousins favorite target (when healthy) in Washington. Jordan Reed is a special player, I am not sure Smith matches up to him as a receiver, but there is some similarity, so its possible he becomes a Cousins favorite.

I consider Smith a tier one TE prospect who should be able to have a top 12 finish within his first 3 seasons. I don't think he has as much upside as Fant or Hockenson, but I think he is the same tier as these guys.

If everything goes well I see Smith being one of those TE who finish TE 5-12 but not a top 5 guy. 

Starting to like Irv more...


Q: Was Irv Smith Jr. a guy that you targeted heading into the draft? Did you think he’d be there at that spot?

A: Yeah, we were hoping, for sure. Holding our breath a little bit. We had a lot of activity when we were on the clock, but just like Garrett Bradbury, he [Smith] was just a player that we were not going to trade out of. He was too valuable to us for what he can bring to the offense.

Q: Does the selection of Smith change Kyle Rudolph’s status at all?

A: No, Kyle Rudolph is here. Two different styles, what Kyle does and what Irv can do. Just totally two different types of tight ends.

PFF graded Irv better than Hock and Fant in yards per route run, deep pass yards and rec, and slot numbers.  Better than Fant on drop rate and comparable to Hock.  Irv lined up in 11 different spots at Alabama.  Vikes could get really creative with him. 

Vikings signed second-round TE Irv Smith to a four-year, $5.798 million contract.

The No. 50 overall pick, Smith is the highest selection thus far to sign his rookie deal. A 'Bama product, Smith averaged 16.1 yards per catch as a 2018 junior, also generating a 157.7 passer rating when targeted to lead all SEC tight ends. Although Smith’s 4.63 forty impressed in Indy, his sluggish three-cone time (7.32) aligned with his college tape, where Smith showed limited agility and post-catch shake. Smith, who doesn't turn 21 until August, does have youth on his side. Smith was drafted to replace Kyle Rudolph, perhaps as early as this season, though tight end is an infamously difficult pro transition for rookies.

SOURCE: Adam Schefter on Twitter

May 2, 2019, 3:49 PM ET
I'll try to grab this guy. Vikings talking about trading Rudolph. Clearly don't want to sign him long term.

Cousins can support a Top 10 fantasy TE, imo.

Drafted him at 2.10 (12 teams PPR), Hock and Fant went 1.07 and 1.08,  Smith nice late 2nd pick value


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