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TE Logan Paulsen Anyone? (1 Viewer)


Schefter reporting that both F. Davis and J. Reed are expected to be inactive.

Anyone rolling the dice with Paulsen in a pretty good matchup @OAK?

For those with TEs on bye (like me with Finley) this is tempting. Currently rolling with B. Myers in a horrible matchup @KC.

From a Redskin fan perspective I would have no issue putting Paulsen in the lineup today if I had to.

He's a big target, has consistent hands, and has made some plays when called upon.

Tempted to roll the dice. RG3 was targeting both F. Davis and J. Reed previously.

OAK D gives up points to the TE.

With Flynn in at QB, Wash offense could win the time of possession battle.

Just hating my B. Myers option against a stingy KC D.


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