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TE Mike Gesicki, CIN (1 Viewer)

Now that they have Moss to help pass block and not that miserable Mixon, maybe the TE will be able to roll out for passes more. I'm not not going to get too excited about this though. And yes, maybe it's from previous butt hurt that hasn't fully healed yet.
At that price I'd have liked to have seen the Chargers sign him, give them more flexibility in the draft.
“Gesicki is the exact down-the-middle vertical weapon Burrow and the Bengals have needed for the past two years as they've struggled to evolve their offense since the 2021 season.

Safeties will have to be wary of Gesicki in the seams instead of constantly focusing their attention on Chase and Higgins on the boundary. It's like a missing ingredient has found its way to a five-star dish.”



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