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Terrelle Pryor - QB, OAK - Questionable (conflicting reports) (1 Viewer)


I either have to go w/o a QB, or trade Pryor away for Matt Cassel

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I'm pretty sure it's accurate. If Pryor cleared his test yesterday, he'd be starting. The fact that he's not starting means he didn't clear the test and therefore wouldn't be allowed on the field no matter what happens to the other QBs.

No.... the starting report was posted last evening citing league sources....both glazer and shefter have confirmed this morning Pryor is NOT starting... I trust this morning's report

he had a concussion 6 days ago, he cleared the tests, but the coach (assuming with the support of management) is error on the side of caution and not playing him this week.... can you imagine if he starts and suffers another concussion??

I hope the OUT report is accurate.... because I need to pick up another QB and the IR designation would help me out a LOT

iamkoza said:
Maurile Tremblay said:
No.... the starting report was posted last evening citing league sources....
Yeah, that's weird. Google News lists it as being from "4 minutes ago," but the article itself is dated as of last night.
who knew aaron rodgers bye week would be this complicated for me?

Vic Tafur just tweeted (15 min ago) pryor to start and the link to his story from last night... then 8 minutes later tweeted glazer's report that pryor is out...... jeez, this is ridiculous

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iamkoza, I hear you. I came out of my draft with Newton, Pryor and Ponder. I figured it was possible/likely that one would be benched by now for sucking, but not that they'd both get hurt the week before I need them.

Terrelle Pryor QB Oakland Raiders

Pryor started showing signs of his concussion again late last night, which is why the team decided to go with Matt Flynn this week as the starter, Fox's Jay Glazer reported on their pregame show Sunday morning.

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There’s a reason there were conflicting reportslast night about Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor’s status — it kept changing.

According to FOX’s Jay Glazer, Pryor began showing concussion symptoms last night, after initially being cleared.

That led the team to an about-face, with coach Dennis Allen telling the team meeting thatMatt Flynn was going to be the guy.

If there was concern about the handling of Pryor’s concussion on the field last week, there should be more given the now-he’s-well, now-he’s-not status this week.

I would assume he will be inactive if that report is correct. He gets into the game a day after showing concussion signs and gets hit the Raiders will be in alot of trouble.


Yup looks like going to be inactive

FOX Sports' Jay Glazer reported Sunday Terrelle Pryor experienced a recurrence of concussion symptoms late Saturday and will not play against the Redskins in Week 4.
He's going to be inactive as the third-stringer behind Matt Flynn and Matt McGloin.
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So what can we expect from the Oakland offense today with Flynn starting? Can they still score points against Washington's D?

So what can we expect from the Oakland offense today with Flynn starting? Can they still score points against Washington's D?
a lot of short passes... i would expect them to run the ball a lot too.... probably a high scoring game.
If there's going to be a lot of short passes and running the ball, I don't see how that translates to a high scoring game. Sounds like that is going to run the clock.

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