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The Audible LIVE! - free agency preview (1 Viewer)

We're back!!!!!1!http://blogtalkradio.com/theaudiblecall 347 826 7620chat!ask your Qs herewe've got plenty of draft talk coming up, but tonight we'll focus on free agency so lob your questions and we'll pick a few to answer tonight!enjoy that folks! :thumbup:
Allllllllllrighty then.Cleveland and Cincinatti have the biggest cap space.I think any free agency talk has to start with those two teams.You know the big free agent names and you are intimately familiar with both Cleveland and Cincy. What moves do you anticipate for C-Town and Nati especially considering the amount of cap space they hold coupled with their needs and the free agents out there?Do you anticipate any big splashes by those two teams and if so, what big names do you see them picking up?
Vikings - how will the Harvin situation impact their ability and desire to sign a big free agent WR?

Long time, not my first time.

Patriots WRs: Welker might be back, Lloyd is almost out the door and that's about it.

Which FA could you see in a presser at Foxboro holding up a jersey?

T-25 and counting to the 2013 RSP. So who is this years Russell Wilson for you. Who is undervalued and you're standing on the table for Matt, Sig, and Cec?

Awwww, yeah. Have been tweakin' something fierce! \mm/

Two part question:

Part 1. So....where does Ahamad Bradshaw end up? Foregone it's a timeshare? Does someone offer him a legit shot at starting, so he takes less money? Does he go back to NY, tail between legs to RBBC? What say ye?

Part 2. Is Matt's beard still ultra-luxuriant?


1- Would you bring in a veteran like Matt Moore to compete with Weeden? Do you think they will?

2- Knowing Lombardi is GM, do you think he invests in offensive line to make a solid core even better (maybe get another major piece to go with Thomas and Mack)?

3- How close is the BROWNS defense to having the personnel Ray Horton wants? I know they have some beef on the interior and Haden in the secondary, but what about pass-rushes and LBs? With their cap space, do you think they are three starters away from being dangerous (two FA additions and one first rounder)?


Thank you. That's all

On second thought, could you cover some of the running back situations, both teams and players, such as









And any others I'm forgetting

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Where could Mike Wallace end up and how could each of the potential landing spots effect his value? Is Amendola a good(and cheaper) replacement for Welker in NE?


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