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The In-Laws (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain

Wife's 80 something year old grandparents come to stay with us before they jump on one of these cruise ships down here and off they go. I actually enjoy the stories of their parents coming into this country from Europe thru Ellis Island in the 1920s, the walk back thru time in the 40s and 50s is nice. They are nice folks.

They decided to leave their car at our house, we live in Miami and to say it is multi-cultural around us is an understatement, white minority might be a better term to give you an idea. So they show up from Hernando County a couple counties North of Tampa and plastered on their bumper is every anti-Obama sticker and pro-life sticker you can find. Must be 8-10 of them that cover the back of the car. They asked us to drive them to the Ft Laud Port in their car with their luggage, hold the car at our house for 10 days and then come pick them back up in it :unsure:

So now I gotta drive about 40 miles round trip in this vehicle with anti-obama slogans all over it, I might as well put a pillow case over my head and cut a couple holes in it to see out. I call my wife's grandparents sweet old racists, she laughs just about every time.

45 minutes and counting until I chauffeur them to the ship. I know you might ask why not take my car but it's a Honda Accord 2 door, they gotta go in a 4 door car and the luggage is all packed in their car for the trip. If I don't make it back safe to my house, I just want you all to know how much I hate all of you ;)


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