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The NFL Debuts in Germany **Bucs vs Seahawks** (-2.5, 44.5) 9:30amEST/6:30amPT (1 Viewer)

Seahawks 51 missed tackles on Defense for the season, 8th Most
Buccaneers 33 missed tackles on the season, 7th least

No more Shaq Barrett this year for the Bucs, torn achilles and done for the year
I mention it because the Bucs pass defense has been solid and I think they are going to have a tougher time bringing pressure, that benefits Geno and the Seahawks passing game.

Seahawks rank about 27th in pass defense, you'd love to give the green light to Brady and the Bucs but they have advantages all year throwing the ball and they haven't done much with it so i don't have a lot of hope for them turning it around this week in Germany.

Seahawks give up the 3rd most yds after catch
Bucs Defense allow drives to end in a score 28% of the time, 4th Best
Godwin due for a TD. Brady due to throw 2 or more TD's.

Geno outduels Brady for the "upset." I'd have these two teams as pick em.

SEA 27
TB 23
Brady dominates in games outside of the USA. 27-20 Bucs.

2009: Patriots 35-7 over Buccaneers (London). In the ultimate case of foreshadowing, Brady's first international game came against the team he would eventually play for. Back in 2009, Brady threw for 308 yards and three touchdowns in this win over Tampa Bay.

2012: Patriots 45-7 over Rams (London). Brady's second trip abroad was even more dominant than his first. In this game against the Rams, not only did Brady throw for more than 300 yards again (304), but he also threw four touchdown passes as New England rolled to the win.

2017: Patriots 33-8 over Raiders (Mexico City). In his first game south of the border, Brady went off. In a blowout win over the Raiders, Brady threw for 340 yards and three touchdowns.
A twinge of renewed optimism after Brady's end of game winning drive last week....Seattle can be generous and Kenny Walker is about to meet a really fat Samoan run stuffer.

TB 24
Sea 20
I think the vibe changes in Tampa in a New York minute last week. The talk went from what's wrong with them to a save the season drive. It'll be close and I think there will be more defense than offense,but when it's all said and done and the beer and brats are out...

Tampa Bay- 23
Seattle- 20
I could tell by DK's reaction they were running the ball. That's what happens when you have fantasy guys who are WRs. You key on them, and they'll tell you a lot about the play.
I miss when they played these games at 1. No reason for them to be this early, its still night game time in Germany if they played at a normal time here.
2 tight end look and everybody knew what was coming.

Neither of these teams look like they can run early. Might be time to let the QBs cook, but we know how Pete feels about that.
Although I detest the Seahawks, gotta give them some props. Happy for Geno too. Nice to see someone hang in there and have success
I don’t get to watch SEA very often. They look a little out of whack so far. Too many penalties. And the delay of game - timeout - long sack sequence was amateur hour.
They don't have nearly enough room between the sidelines and those boards.

And I absolutely hate the tarp they've put down. That's asking for injuries.

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