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Thompkins or Dobson going forward? (1 Viewer)


We know Thompkins has outperformed Dobson to this point, but do you guy think that continues for the rest of the season?

We need someone with knowledge of the Patriots offense to tell us how Gronk's and Amendola's return will effect each of these guys. Who gets on the field less, if either. Who loses targets. How will having to cover a real TE (Gronk) force coverage away from these guys. Who benefits? Etc....

Anybody watch the games and know who's been treated as the #1 WR and covered by the top CB so far?

Its a tough call, its been my opinion since training camp that come week 6 when Gronk returns (at the latest obviously) that Thompkins would be the guy to own. This was under the assumption that Vereen would be playing a utility move position and that Danny would be the primary slot receiver and Gronk and Sudfeld would be playing the two TE sets.

A lot of things have changed.

Still no idea how bad Dobsons neck injury is, on top of being injured twice in training camp are two more red flags. They both appear to be improving every game, but Thompkins is maintaining his amazing route running.

I have to go with KT in redrafts but for Dynasty I'm only slightly leaning KT over Dobson.

I expect KT to stay the primary outside WR, although they will be cycling personnel A LOT until everyone is back.

Thompkins all the way. Dobson has size and speed, but I'm buying Thompkins as being the better WR.
Dobson has size and speed but his hands might as well be coated in astroglide. Dude can't catch a pass if his entire life depended on it.


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