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Titans vs. Colts: MNF week 8 (1 Viewer)

I will be torn between Pittsburgh and Tennessee as they are my two favorite teams, but the Titans are #1, honestly, Steelers will whoop Tennessee just based on shutting down the run. Collins won't be able to throw.

Colts better get a little better for this to be game of the year..I look for Tenn to run like they did today.

Why would you consider this game the game of the year???
I think he assumed a Colts win over Green Bay today. Big mistake. You just don't count out an Aaron Rodgers led team.
Not what I assumed, although it makes for an interesting twist that the Colts are 3-3 and reeling. I was more thinking that the tables have somewhat turned on these two, it's on MNF, and one of the teams are undefeated playing their biggest rival (who many probably still think are better than them).Should the Titans survive this game, FF to the following week when they play GB...a couple intriguing matchups for sure. :football:

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If healthy, the Titans have 3 very good CBs and a very tough run defense. They matchup quite well with Indy's powerful offense.

Playing against the Titans every team has a predictable stop the run, encourage the pass type gameplan. It'll be interesting to see what Dungy comes up with. They can't win the matchup with the Titans OL-Titans OL vs Indy DL straight up. Aside from sorely missing Warren Sapp in the middle, it'll be interesting to see what Dungy's got up his sleeve.

I'm certainly biased, but Pittsburgh @ Washington one week later on MNF looks like a more attractive matchup to me.

I don't see this as the game of the year, personally.

Once again, the Colts (minus Bob Sanders) can't stop the run,meaning BIG games for LenDale White and Chris Johnson. Start 'em if you got 'em.

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Last 4 games have been decided by a combined total of 12 points

Cards and Panthers game atleast has 2 of the top 5 teams in the NFC playing in it. Not sure you can say the same about Indy and TN

Not even the best game this weekend. If the Colts do not stop the run I may have to watch the World Series.


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