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TNF on Prime Video - Ravens at Buccaneers (-2, 46.5) (1 Viewer)


Ok. Brady has a respectable score tonight now thanks to garbage time. Maybe I can get this onsides and cover.


against the grain
The Bucs lost Bucs OLB Shaquil Barrett to an Achilles injury, and the speed with which he was ruled out made it all the more concerning. The Ravens had it worse during the game. WR Rashod Bateman (foot) and TE Mark Andrews (shoulder) were both ruled out, and RB Gus Edwards (hamstring) never came back in after leaving the field in the fourth quarter. The Ravens somehow got better after the slew of injuries, but the Bucs certainly did not after losing Barrett.


Both defenses have underperformed this year. Lamar has played better than Tom,for 3 quarters anyway. Still a lot of offensive players hurt on the Bucs. Andrews a question mark for the Ravens. Short week. I was going to flip a coin but then firgured I'd go with the better head coach on a short week,so...

Baltimore- 27
Tampa Bay- 23

Boo Birds start singing late first half.
Underestimated the Bucs

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