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*** TNF on Prime Video - Colts at Broncos (-3, 42) *** (1 Viewer)


I think both teams will game plan a heavier passing attack in this one. Taylor's replacements aren't going to get a lot of rushing yards but Hines can be effective as a receiver. Broncos don't trust Gordon a whole lot right now. Look for Russ to cook and Matty Ice to put it up a lot. I don't know how many points that might equate to,but I'll take a shot and say...

Broncos- 29
Colts- 26



Broncos Inactives

  • Running Back, Latavius Murray
  • Safety, P.J. Locke
  • Linebacker, Aaron Patrick
  • Linebacker, Jonathon Cooper
  • Wide Receiver, Jalen Virgil
  • Cornerback, Darius Phillips
  • Guard, Quinn Meinerz

Colts inactives

  • Safety, Julian Blackman
  • Quarterback, Sam Ehlinger
  • Center, Wesley French
  • Defensive End, Tyquan Lewis
  • Running Back, Jonathan Taylor
  • Defensive Tackle, Luke Tenuta


With star OLB Randy Gregory on IR and out multiple weeks with a knee injury, rookie OLB Nik Bonitto (2nd round pick) needs to step up. Had a good preseason but has only played 15 defensive snaps.


Weird one, didn't see much if any contact with his head, did he fall awkward or was there more contact than first appeared?

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