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TNF on Prime Video - Ravens at Buccaneers (-2, 46.5) (1 Viewer)

Stat Correction

I own both Gus and Andrews. Brutal night. Best case scenario is that we have one or both back by week 11, following the bye. Best case scenario....


Well, Tucker time.
Todd Bowles making coaching decisions like his defense is good. Unreal.
Just an insanely bad coach. I feel bad for being mad about Arians.

I wouldn't let your judgment of Arians get influenced by how bad Bowles is. Bowles is doing on the sideline exactly what he did for the Jets -- looking disgusted and confused without making adjustments.


Ok. Lost the Bucks cover but still can get some garbage time. Need 25 yards for Godwin and 40 yards for Brady. TD would be great too.

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