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Trade Away Higgins and receive Foreman & OBJ? (1 Viewer)


10 man full PPR, standard line up (2 WR, 1 Flex)
I have
(1) QB: Prescott
(2) WR: Diggs, Higgins, Kirk, Pittman, Samuel, Cooks, People-Jones, Hardman*
(2) RB: Barkley, Stevenson
(1) TE: Kmet, Dulcich, Everett (contemplating dropping a TE after picking up Kmet)
Other team
QB: Jones, Brady
WR: Kupp*, M Williams, Hollywood*, Metcalf, OBJ
RB: Kamara, Pierce, Foreman, Mattison, Hines
TE: Andrews
* - IR designation


Not enamored with it either, like your roster, only rb of his I’d try to pry away would be Pierce. Maybe Higgins and another piece might get but Hollywood and big Mike coming back so probably not

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