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Trade offer WHIR (1 Viewer)


ok so my team is.. 1/2 ppr

QB - Fields
RB - J Jacobs
RB - JK Dob
WR - Diggs
WR - Dotson
TE - Friermuth
Flex - K Herbert
K - Buff
D - Jets

Bench - Kamara, Gainwell, Skyy Moore, Elijah Moore, Thielen, Washington D

So based on my team i got offered Garret Wilson and the guy said he likes Fields, Dotson, Herbert, Kamara… would u guys trade any of these guys to get him? Prob would be a 2 for 1 but he left it vague.. I say no because i have good depth at rb and theres a good chance one of my WRs outside of Diggs becomes pretty reliable with Dotson being the favorite at the moment.. thx for your help
It depends on the trade. I likely trade Kamara straight up for Wilson but I wouldn't trade two of those guys for Wilson at this point.
I would smash accept Kamara or Herbert or both for Garrett Wilson. Would probably trade any combo of those guys for him. Take the money and run.
Who is his QB? You said he likes Fields. If he has a better QB, offer his Fields and Kamara for THE QB and Wilson.

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