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Trade Target: Lamb or JJ (1 Viewer)


10 team league required to keep 2 players each year. Players cost you the round -1 they were drafted in. We start 1QB, 1RB, 1WR, 1TE, 3 Flex (wr/rb/te) 1K, 1D and .5 ppr. I am looking at trading for Lamb or JJ, who would both cost a 1st rounder to keep in 2024. I play the team with JJ and Lamb in week 10 and if he suffers another loss, he is all but knocked out of the playoff hunt.

My roster:
QB - Hurts, Stroud
RB - Barkley, Mostert (13), Pierce, J Cook, K Mitchell (15)
WR - Kupp, St Brown, McLaurin (15), Dotson (15)
TE - La Porta (15), Pitts (15)
K - Tucker
D - Birds

I put the keeper rounds above of some of my players (someone dropped both dotson and mclaurin so their draft round resets to the last round). I have a RB problem in week 13 as Barkley, Mitchell and Cook are on a Bye. Lamb is past his bye, JJ has his in week 13.

Some trade options:

Pierce & Dotson for JJ or Lamb
Pierce & Mclaurin for JJ or Lamb
I could send Mostert with a WR for one of them as well.

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