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Have a trade offer and not sure if I should even mess with it. He is looking to move J Jones, which could help me with a main receiver. I have JuJu, Cooks and Watkins that I have to choose two from each week. His QB situation is a mess and he wants Winston. I have Rivers and Flaco after losing Grappalo for the season. His QB back to me would be either Tannehill or Keenum (oh goody). He is after Cohen as well, but I do not feel that J Jones has enough value this year to justify giving Cohen up. Do you guys think this trade would be beneficial to my team?

I would get J Jones and (Keenum or Tannehill) - and which QB?

He would get Winston and Watkins

Thoughts? Let me know where your question(s) are and I will answer yours as well. Thanks!

Standard scoring with PPR on RBs and TEs.

I would do that deal.  You are getting the best player in the trade.  I am not a Watkins fan so I may be skewed.

Rivers is your starting QB and Julio moves into your WR1/2 position.

Unless this is a 2 QB league, this is a no-brainer. Julio is BY FAR the most valuable part of this deal. I'd happily trade Winston/Watkins for Julio. Or Cohen instead of Watkins. 

I would probably rather give up Cohen over Watkins as the second part of the deal but that is in a vacuum without knowing your starting requirements.  I actually like the WR's you currently have but there is no need for you to have Winston rot on your bench if you can get an upgrade somewhere else. 

There might be a bit of a difference in evaluation if this is dynasty vs redraft but probably not enough to change the outcome.  I would accept but I would try and keep Watkins and put in Cohen.


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