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Trent Dilfer interview blew me away. Very inspiring. It's a quick listen. (1 Viewer)

Harry Frogfish

I had ESPN and the Jim Rome Show, who I have not had any interest in listening to since the early 90's, on the TV this morning. Just some background noise while getting ready. It ended up stopping me in my tracks and I sat down to watch/listen to the rest of what he had to say. Try and forget about any preconceived notions about either man and just check this short interview out. Cliff's notes or bullet points won't do it justice, although it is worth noting one listener called in to say he'd been listening to Rome for over 25 year and that this was the best guest/interview he had ever heard.

Dilfer was sitting in his truck, literally, doing this interview before walking into some High School in Mobile to meet a Coach he's never met and Rome simply asks him what this last week has been like. Dilfer doesn't beat around the bush whatsoever, and details everything as if reading from a script. I will preface it by saying that Trent was not in a good place not too long ago, even though he was living the good life -- played over 280 days of golf in 2018 -- 5 nice steak "fake" (his words) dinners a week, traveling on private jets with the boys, drinking, good scrips and whatnot, whatever the whole deal. Every man's "dream" and all that. He was a member of 5 of the nicer country clubs around the country, being well paid, set for life, everything most think they would die for...

Underneath it all, however, was the death of his 5 1/2 year old boy, which he doesn't go into because he's told the story before and gets choked up.

What he does get into is how and why it all changed for him. When he made the decision to coach high school football. A team that was ranked 3,000th in the country, lol. The same team he just led to their 2nd State Title, while not giving up 1 point in either Championship game. But there's way more to it than that and it's simply a great, straight-to-the point interview, from an extremely passionate individual. That's what fuels his fire, how he turned his pain into passion.

And BTW, in thinking about his story, I was reminded of the great wikkidpissah, and how he once said, if you don't really like where you're at, and don't do something about it -- as in making serious changes before it's too late -- (he actually stated 55 as a sort of deadline) then it'll never happen. Well, Dilfer did as much and holy cow did it end up great. I could be wrong, and it doesn't really matter how far he takes them -- this interview ended up about so much more than football -- but I think he is going to put Alabama Birmingham's football program on the map. Regardless, good for him, his family, and the lives he is committed to making a difference with.

Here is the interview, from the CBS site:

Trent Dilfer
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