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Vincent Jackson (1 Viewer)

he was looking his way before chambers got hurt. i'd agree though - good WR3 in a 12 team league.

Agree w/ the consensus here; VJax is a solid WR3 in 12-14 team leagues. I don't think he gets enough targets (week 6 notwithstanding) to be a "solid" WR2. I'll take what VJax did this week though--he saved my butt from the decision I made to start him over Roddy White.

WR2 until Chambers comes back. When he does, don't expect more than the typical 3-4/50/0 games with the occasional 6/100/1 game.

Not a strong play unless in deeper leagues. I'm considering releasing him once Chambers does come back for bye week fill ins at K, D.

Very good WR3 in 10-team leagues even when Chambers gets back. WR2 when he is not there. Rivers was targeting VJax more than any other player and that was with Chambers healthy.


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