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Waiver Wire-WK 9 (1 Viewer)

Randle-El, Nate Washington, maybe Betts if you're desperate.
I'm not kidding. There's a waiver wire thread just down on page one already. Much more input on that one since it was started a while back.
It is also the ***Official*** thread.This thread is knockoff. I really wish the mod's would merge the waiver threads.
It's been happening the last 3 or 4 weeks now.
I know. In fact, I created the first one a few times but also created the second one last week. :bag: When this does happens, the mods should merge. Good info in both IMO.
Why is it being called week 9? We end up with multiple waiver threads because some call it by the current week but I think most refer to the upcoming week = waiver wire week 10. :bag:


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