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Ward and Bradshaw...how have they been used? (1 Viewer)


First couple of weeks it seemed they were alternating backs, but it's looking more like Ward is the primary backup and 3rd down back, with Bradshaw coming in at the end of games or to spell Jacobs/Ward.

Is that right? Has anyone been watching their games?

Since week 2, vs some not very good DEF (STL, CIN, SEA, CLE)

Ward has averaged 10 carries/game, about 80ypg, 8ypc; 1-3 catches/game, no TDs.

Bradshaw has had from 2-11 carries, 1 catch per game or so. His 1 Rush TD, 1 Rec TD were vs. STL, in garbage time, I guess?

Anyone like Ward to get a chance, or as a bye week fillin for PPR leagues?

Ward spells Jacobs after about 2 series of each half.. and is in on most 3rd and longs. He is also in most of the time when/if they are down big. TD's are rare because Jacobs comes in inside the 10 or so.

Bradshaw really only gets work when the game is out of hand (like against Seattle). Plus kickoffs.


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