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Washington Redskins (1 Viewer)


Where is this money coming from? I know they had an extra $7.5 million, but they also had to cut players just to get under the previous cap number. $7.5 million doesn't translate unless they are done after signing these two (Archuleta and Randle El).

$5 million per season for a guy who is a questionable tackler and is relatively poor in pass coverage is too much. Sure, he's a big hitter and pretty solid in run support, but he still misses those key TD saving tackles and can't cover an athletic TE or #3 receiver.

God bless his heart for trying to improve his team, but he's a little bit nuts...

How are the Redskins able to do this ?

Some explain their specific situation ?

Only thing i can think of is this:

They were 4.9mil over the cap. Drop Arrington and save 8mil. Now they are 3.1 mil under. My guess is the players that they are signing are not going to get paid worth a damn this first season so they can stay under the cap.


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