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WDIS, D. Baldwin, D.J. Moore, or John Brown? PPR (1 Viewer)


PPR scoring, 3 point bonus for 100 yards rush/rec

Rest of my team: 

QB: Mahomes 

RB:  E. Elliot 

WR:  Beckham 

TE: J. Smith (Njoku on bye)

Super Flex: C. Newton

Flex1: C. Davis

Flex 2: ?????????

I'm leaning towards Brown assuming Flacco is out, but with the recent news of Baldwin saying he's "pain free" and the Packers D being decimated with injuries I'm wondering if this is the week Baldwin finally scores and goes for 80+ yards.  I also wouldn't mind a dart throw with DJ Moore since I own Cam as well.

I would rank them:

  1. Brown - been most consistent all year. 
  2. Baldwin - only because of the GB secondary issues.  I think Seattle will run the ball and then run some more.  They really don't want to pass at all.
  3. DJ Moore - If you are a heavy underdog then I probably go with the Newton/Moore stack to try and maximize points if things break right. 

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