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Week 1 Injury thread (1 Viewer)

(FFChamps)Colts TE Dwayne Allen left Sunday's game against the Raiders with a foot injury and is questionable to return.

(Rotoworld)Updating a previous item, the injury that costDwayne Allen the second half of Sunday's opener was to Allen's hip.

Analysis: It was originally announced as a foot injury, but updated later. The good news is Allen did not aggravate the foot problem that cost him all of the preseason. The bad news is we don't know the extent, and Allen did not return. He caught a 20-yard touchdown in the first quarter and was otherwise held out of the box score. Coby Fleener (one catch, seven yards) was even quieter.

per ESPN: Dez Bryant diagnosed with left foot sprain and Blaine Gabbert out Sunday due to a hand laceration.


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