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week #1 Upset of the Week (1 Viewer)

here's my upset specials of the week.Tampa, Oak, Indy, NO, Atl. My fav is probably NO.. "Everything that can go wrong will go wrong", that's the Seahawks motto. I have the Seahawks losing 3 of 4 to start the season.. No Springs and an out of shape Walter Jones, coupled with 2 rookie DB's against arguably the best tandom of reveivers in Horn and Stallworth.

It's a little tough to call them "upsets" in week 1 before the teams really have a chance to establish themselves. Plus, is it really an upset when a 1 1/2 point dog wins?Regardless, the JESTS win despite Vinny.

Pick one: Definitely the colts, no way the browns d can stop them or the clev offense keep upOthersRamsVikingsFalcons

SaintsAlso likeBucs (gotta call a close one, when do you get the defending super bowl champs with points?)IndyRaiders :boxing:

Falcons beat the Cowboys.Other predictions: there will be 7 or 8 upsets, so most of the picks above will occur. Titans destroy the Raiders (that's not an upset, but a prediction nonetheless.

I see the panthers winning this week.
that's an upset?give me the Yucks in Philly on Monday. They closed out the Vet in style and will open up the Linc with another spanking. Feable fans booing by early 3rd Q.
BENGALS over Denver :o

The Bengals D Should really play tough. Not to mention jake the snake should throw them the ball a couple times too.

The only real worry to blowing this upset is how many points the Cinci special teams will give up !! :wall:

Is choosing a team that's only picked to lose by 3 or less points really choosing an "underdog" or an "upset"?I'll go out on a limb and pick the Bengals. When the pressure's on, Jake is always good for one or two untimely turnovers, and the Bengals will take advantage of that.


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