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Week 10 injuries (1 Viewer)

Maurile Tremblay

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The following players are listed as questionable or doubtful heading into Sunday:

Sun 1:00 pm - Chris Ivory [Q] - RB, BUF - OUT
Sun 1:00 pm - David Njoku [Q] - TE, CLE - Active
Sun 1:00 pm - Giovani Bernard [Q] - RB, CIN - Active
Sun 1:00 pm - Kerryon Johnson [Q] - RB, DET - Active
Sun 1:00 pm - Rob Gronkowski [Q] - TE, NE - OUT
Sun 1:00 pm - Robby Anderson [D] - WR, NYJ - OUT
Sun 1:00 pm - Ryan Grant [Q] - WR, IND - Active
Sun 1:00 pm - Sam Darnold [D] - QB, NYJ - OUT
Sun 1:00 pm - Sammy Watkins [Q] - WR, KC - OUT
Sun 1:00 pm - Sony Michel [Q] - RB, NE - Active
Sun 1:00 pm - Tajae Sharpe [Q] - WR, TEN - Active
Sun 1:00 pm - Taywan Taylor [Q] - WR, TEN - OUT

Sun 4:25 pm - Chris Carson [Q] - RB, SEA
Sun 4:25 pm - Randall Cobb [Q] - WR, GB

Sun 8:20 pm - Geoff Swaim [Q] - TE, DAL

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Jakeem  Grant just hopped off on one leg. Non contact injury.

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What the word on Edelman?  Serious or not. 

My impression is that he'd have kept playing if they weren't getting blown out.

I saw where Marvin Jones left in the 3rd quarter with a knee injury....not sure if he returned or the extent of the injury

Zack Martin to the locker room

David J. Chao, MD‏Verified account @ProFootballDoc 7m7 minutes ago

David J. Chao, MD Retweeted Brandon George

Rolled up from behind on left leg. Limited video so far but worry for MCL sprain.

On the Redskins Craigslist offensive line, Ty Nsekhe and Morgan Moses left the game several times injured, and returned to keep playing.

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Redskins lose rookie OT Geron Christian for the season due to torn MCL. He has been playing, due to all the other O-line injuries.

Jimmy Graham left the game with what looked like a hand or wrist issue. Those not watching might not be aware as his statline is about what it usually is.

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