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Week 11 Injury Thread (1 Viewer)

Anybody who is watching the Giants-Ravens game, any reason why Jacobs has barely got any carries since the monster 1st quarter he had? Ward keeps getting the carries it seems.
No idea, the announcers were wondering the same thing. The Giants have been doing this all year unfortunately. Also, the Ravens had the ball most of the 3Q.
good backups + big lead = no reason to play Jacobs
Tat said:
StuntMonkee said:
Apparently Jacobs has a sore knee, but could have gone back in. . . .should know more this week
He landed awkwardly on the 2nd TD, he limped off then....It was his right knee or ankle IIRC.
Brandon Jacobs will have a "precautionary" MRI on his sore knee Monday, according to NBC's Peter King.Jacobs' agent told King that there's "nothing wrong" with his client's knee, but the team isn't taking any chances. Jacobs is in a contract year and hasn't been on the injury report once all season after missing or being limited in eight contests last year. A strong, healthy finish could help Jacobs become one of the five richest running backs in the league.
Some news on Matt Hasselbeck:

The Tacoma News Tribune observed that Matt Hasselbeck's eyes were glazed over in his post-game press conference, he seem confused and "out of it," and was unable to answer some reporters' questions.Hasselbeck did get out that he expects several Cardinals players to be fined in the coming week for hits they got on him. One is likely to be Adrian Wilson. The Seahawks didn't disclose that Hasselbeck suffered a concussion, but it seems probable. That would jeopardize his status for Week 12.
towney said:
Willie Parker tweaked his same knee again.
Any new information regarding this. My payoff shots are pretty much gone if he does not come back.He just stood on the sidelines, so it cant be THAT bad, or else they might have taken him to the locker room.

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