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Week 11 Injury Thread (1 Viewer)

Kenneth Walker slipped on the field trying to cut and walked off with a limp.

Upon replay, he was grabbing at his left hip well before he went down.
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re Kupp....one of the announcers thought he got his foot stepped on but no other verification
Definitely saw it on the reply. Was stepped on and foot got bent. Ankle or Achilles I’d say. Severity unknown

I thought achilles when i saw it...although he did get stepped on i thought you could also see in the replay this moment where his moment where his foot gets caught underneath him and he winces and then he gets stepped on
Kupp on sideline trying to run it out. Hasn’t been back on field since but not looking quite as bad as feared
Kupp ever set foot on the playing field in the 2nd half or just staying on the sidelines??
Worried about Kenneth Walker..

Thursday night game with a healthy SF team vs Seattle without Gino and Walker could be a blowout.
Yeah, I've got Jones/Achane in one league, and Walker/Geno in another, all injured and on a short week. Achane has until Friday, but still.

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