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Week 14 Injury Thread (1 Viewer)

Will Anderson now also out with an ankle for the Texans/IDP players. Bad karma at MetLife this year.
Herbert to the locker room right index finger. Questionable to return.

Ugh. The one guy that I couldn't afford to lose. (Not that he has been doing much, but I don't have a backup and there is nothing on the wire.)
I DROPPED Stick this week. Luckily I grabbed Flacco in case. It's barren out there. Losing Tank, JJ, and Herbert makes it not matter much anyway.
Gotta think Herbert will miss fantasy playoffs now. He's not been great recently, but most of his owners wont have a great back up.
Picked up Browning a couple weeks ago. Not sure how I feel about it. Herbert sunk me last year in the playoffs as well with a lousy performance against the Colts. It's nice to get away from the fiasco that is the Chargers... then again, I'm going to have to rely on Jake Browning. Yikes.
Can't believe Tyreek isn't listed here. I didn't see the play, but he's been out since the 1st quarter. Anyone?
Most of us just feel bad. He's done for the night.
Nevermind. Back in.
Pretty amazing that he’s back in. He’s clearly a super athlete—and even sports medicine doctors felt like there was a real chance he suffered a high ankle sprain as well as possibly an MCL sprain. I hope he makes it through the game okay.


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