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***Week 13 Injury Thread*** (1 Viewer)

Marion Barber went to the locker room for x-rays in the third quarter becaues of an injured left pinkie toe.

The Barbarian also missed a drive in the first half, but he returned briefly after the break for one more carry. His foot was apparently stepped on. Barber had a 17-yard run early, but otherwise did not look explosive. The game is a rout, so MBIII will likely finish with 32 rushing yards and a score on ten carries. Tashard Choice would be a good pickup in leagues with open waivers

Cowboys OLB DeMarcus Ware left Thursday's game in the third quarter with an apparent right knee injury after he recorded three sacks. He won't return.Ware took the NFL lead with 15 sacks on the season, beating Walter Jones twice and Sean Locklear with an impressive array of moves. But this injury coupled with Marion Barber's toe problem will cast a pall on the Thanksgiving celebrations in Dallas.
Giants Center shaun o'hara down on the field as they go to commercial. They just said he will return.

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LB Gary Brackett IND down and being looked at. Announcer speculated that it didn't look good.

Looks like leg injury and cart coming out on field

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Portis down.
Got crunched pretty good, he's up now, i'm thinking a shoulder injury.
Checking his neck on the sidelines.
He looks ok to me, haven't taken any of his equipment off.
i'm confused, are you the real James Andrews? If so, have you personally looked at him?
I think he's just a fan
guess that makes sense - hopefully this can be made clear though. i was looking for inside information.
Why is SJax not in the game.. with about 5 min to go, I see three carries in a row by Pittman... Now less than a min and a half and he's on the bench? I see he has his helmet on behind Haslett? Did he get tired? re-injured?

been watching the whole game... they tried to get it to him, but the rush was nowhere to be found today and the swing routes were difficult because of the rain. they were trying to get him involved but the defense there is tough. I wouldn't worry about bush if you have him, he looked healthy the whole game his first day back.

redskin radio announcers earlier had said that he had a neck stinger...don't know if this last problem was related to that or not.


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