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Week 13 Injury Thread (1 Viewer)

Maurile Tremblay

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The following players are questionable or doubtful heading into Sunday:

Sun 1:00 pm - Bruce Ellington [Q] - WR, DET - Active
Sun 1:00 pm - Chad Williams [Q] - WR, ARI - OUT
Sun 1:00 pm - Charles Clay [Q] - TE, BUF - Active
Sun 1:00 pm - Chester Rogers [Q] - WR, IND - Active
Sun 1:00 pm - Danny Amendola [D] - WR, MIA - OUT
Sun 1:00 pm - DeVante Parker [Q] - WR, MIA - Active
Sun 1:00 pm - Devin Funchess [Q] - WR, CAR - Active
Sun 1:00 pm - Joe Flacco [D] - QB, BAL - OUT
Sun 1:00 pm - Marlon Mack [Q] - RB, IND - Active
Sun 1:00 pm - Mitchell Trubisky [D] - QB, CHI - OUT
Sun 1:00 pm - Randall Cobb [Q] - WR, GB - Active

Sun 4:05 pm - Robby Anderson [Q] - WR, NYJ
Sun 4:05 pm - Sam Darnold [Q] - QB, NYJ
Sun 4:25 pm - Stefon Diggs [Q] - WR, MIN - game-time decision

Sun 8:20 pm - Tyrell Williams [Q] - WR, LAC

MNF - Adrian Peterson [Q] - RB, WAS
MNF - Darren Sproles [Q] - RB, PHI - expected to play
MNF - Josh Adams [Q] - RB, PHI
MNF - Jamison Crowder [Q] - WR, WAS
MNF - Jordan Reed [Q] - TE, WAS 

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AJ Green takes two steps off the line and goes to the ground.   Holding his injured toe.

Carted off.

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AJ Green down holding his foot.

Carted off. Out for rest of game.

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Adam Schefter‏Verified account @AdamSchefter 10m10 minutes ago

Panthers’ TE Greg Olsen told reporters he ruptured his plantar fascia and believes his season is over.

RE: J.Connor

David J. Chao, MD‏Verified account @ProFootballDoc

By video, appears to be a high ankle sprain. Hoping for mild but still can hamper him.

According to Mike Tomlin, Conner has a “lower leg contusion” that good be good news. If this report is accurate he could be back in a week or two depending on the severity of the contusion.


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