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Week 16 Weather (1 Viewer)


Any idea how this news will affect Peterson? Is a couple extra days of rest good for him or is his injury more likely to get worse the longer he stays inactive?


Ghost Rider

WTF!! Tuesday! So now they get 4 days to prepare for the cowboys?? Which could be a very important game for the #2 seed. Wow this is complete bull####. NFL should be ashamed of themselves.
True, but it is still more to time to prepare than it is for teams that play on Sunday and then on Thursday (which happens for every week the last half of the season).
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Kenny Powers



How often do the teams play in a possible 12"? Of snow. Up in Jeresy they say we could get 18", but I think that's the worst area, Bergen Cty. If its really that bad I see a more conservative game plan.
teams never play in 12" of snow. they cover the field until kick off, and then they clean it up some after each quarter.

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