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Week 17 Playoff Finals (1 Viewer)


Almost all of my fantasy leagues end in Week 16 except one, and I have no idea how to prepare for it. I'm also currently in first and high points leader in this league. What is the strategy for those of you facing a Week 17 playoff finals? I would think to target backup running backs for those teams that win their divisions, since most of the playoff locked teams will be resting their starters. Also, would you trade for star players or mediocre teams that will still be fighting during Week 17? I know there is no guarantee that you'll make the fantasy finals, but it's a tricky and important week that requires some thought.

A few guys I would look to stash because more than likely their teams will be sitting their RB1.

Fred Jackson

Antonio Pittman

Darren Sproles

Kevin Jones

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I'd be willing to take a flier on any of those guys, but I doubt the Chargers will have the luxury of resting their guys down the stretch this year. Fred Jackson sure looks like a sneaky play to me.

For Week 17, try to focus on nonplayoff teams that still have something to play for (a .500 record, save the coach's job, playing at home, etc.) facing teams that have clinched their playoff spot and can't improve their position with a win. A lot of time, the team headed to the playoffs will put things on cruise control and just sort of concede the game in the second half.

ETA: If you have a superstud you're riding to Week 17, I see no harm in starting both the stud and his backup. In theory, that at least gives you a complete game, which is something of itself a rarity in Week 17 games.

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