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Week 17 Weather (1 Viewer)


Weather could potentially impact games this week. A few games on the fence it would seem that could impact offense/defense.


GB/MN looks the worst. No wind, but frigid. I'd expect Rodgers/Adams to do their thing at home, but I wonder about the MN offense being as explosive as their last matchup a few weeks ago. Another nugget:

Paul Charchian


The Vikings-Packers game is expected to be 5 degrees at kickoff. The average NFL passing game over the last 8 years in single-digit weather or colder: 16 completions, 160 yards, 0.3 touchdowns.

5:13 PM · Dec 29, 2021·Twitter Web App


* NYG @CHI -- Looks cold and 15-20 MPH winds. Good for CHI D option and probably Montgomery.

* ATL @BUF -- Cold and windy. Good for the BUF D. Bad matchup for Pitts may get worse in this weather. Doubt Allen/Diggs care.

A few years ago I benched Cousins playing in Green Bay where it was cold snowy and very windy. He scored 45 points. I lost 800 bucks.

I keep trying to find reasons to hate on the Rams BUT the weather in Baltimore surprisingly decent with a game time temperature above 60 degrees, mostly cloudy and not much chance of rain although there are showers around overnight into the morning. 

Weather shouldn't have a big impact on that game. 

New York is not looking bad and Buffalo will be cold but the wind doesn't seem fierce and the chance of a lot of snow or rain or it being super weight, doesn't seem to be shaping up that way at the moment. 

Boston/New England looks like it might be wet and cold, miserable conditions for the Jags so far.  

Trying to figure out if the cold will affect the kickers. I know wind is the main determinant, and there won’t be much, but any insight on cold weather with kickers?

Anyone in Buffalo that can provide weather status? Have Bass and might have to p/u another K if the wind is howling. Thanks 

In GB, 17 degrees at 2pm, 7 degrees at 9pm. Why does the NFL schedule a night time January game in GB? Do they care about fans, cheerleaders, support staff, and players? Does 10 degrees make a difference?

The Ice Bowl:

>>Temperatures were so cold, in fact, that referees had to shout signals so that the metal whistles wouldn't stick to their lips. Even so, nearly 51,000 fans watched the coldest game in league annals. Several players were treated for frostbite and a fan in the stands died of exposure to the cold.<<

https://www.weather.gov/grb/123167_Icebowl#:~:text=Temperatures were so cold%2C in,of exposure to the cold.

OrganizedChaos said:
Anyone know if Dallas will have the roof closed? Supposed to be 28 and feel like 15 at kickoff.

4 degrees with wind chill, Jerry built it to close it up🥶


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