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Week 2 Blind Bids (1 Viewer)


I burnt a lot of space explaining why I don't get carried away with blind bids in week 1, unless it's a must-spend situation (ie, Cassel if I had Brady and no reliable backup). However, with a little more info under th

Who's worth targeting, and how much cap are you willing to burn? (Disclaimer, I'm in a 10-team PPR short-term keeper league, that plays more like a redraft than a true dynasty).

Scheffler - baffling, but an owner dropped him right after the draft and nobody added him among the TE scramble of last week. I have Cooley, but I'm looking at ~25% of my cap here.

Bush - should slide into the Fargas role for a while. Could've been a 1st rounder, if not for broken leg in college. Still not sure about Fargas MRI result, but it looked bad. Can DMC handle all the valuable touches, or would Bush get the goal-line call? I'm budgeting about ~20% here, but I'd raise it a little if official Fargas news were available before tomorrow morning.

Sproles - Big difference depending on whether LT is out, or just limited. Still, he could grow into a Bush-lite role with screen passes and the occasional kick return TD...a rich mans Leon Washington, if you will. Plus, there's the devious angle of messing with LT's owner and/or using Sproles as trade leverage. I'm going to put 35% of my cap here.

JT O'Sullivan - if he truly gets the Martz system, he could be a good plan B for owners of Palmer, Anderson, Garrard, Schaub, etc. I have Romo, so I'm not spending here.

Bryant Johnson/Isaac Bruce - one-week wonders, or products of JTO grasping the system? Bryant looks to be the better add, but may not be available in your league. I might drop 5-10% on BJ, to fill a backup WR role, and put in a $1 flyer on Bruce as a backup plan

Justin Gage - same as BJ, but replace JTO with Kerry Collins. His situaiton obviously got better with Young on the bench. I'm probably bidding the same 5-10% that I'll bid on BJ, and hoping to get one of the two.

Anyone else?


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