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Week 9 Questions For Bloom (1 Viewer)

Sig ppr please select 2 wr 12 rbs and 1 flex

wrs tyreek hill/edelman/juju/trequan

rbs gordon/drake/latavius murray/chubb

thank you

I've got David Njoku going at 1pm or Gronk going at night. Gronk has missed practice and been kinda not great lately. Start Njoku or roll the dice on Gronk for the late game. I do own Hollister just in case Gronk is a game time scratch. Buuuuut I'd prefer not to have to start him. Non ppr, btw.

Thank you!!!

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Rank top 3 this week (PPR)

D Lewis, J Gordon, Sutton, Tre Smith, D Parker, MVS

Start any of those WRs over Diggs if he’s active?

Drop Duke for MVS, Ware or McGuire? 

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Hey Sig,

Got offered an interesting trade yesterday, in a PPR league I was offered Mixon for my Adrian Peterson and Sammy Watkins.

My current RB's (start 2 each week): Conner, Le'Veon, AP, Collins
Current WR's (start 3 each week): T.Y., Brandin Cooks, Golladay, Watkins, D.J. Moore

Feeling that the upgrade to my RB spot would be worth giving up some of my WR depth even though watkins has been real solid. Sitting at 5-3 and feeling pretty confident in making playoffs so trying to build the strongest starting cast for that playoff run. 

What do you think, accept or na? Appreciate it man.

I'm playing the top team in my league this week (i.e. I need boom potential) and I'm choosing between Crowell, K Johnson, Mark Ingram...  leaning Crowell, but you've got him lower.  Is that because of McGuire coming back?

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I know you're a huge Gronk fan, but he doesn't look right this year despite the peripherals all looking the same (except for TDs). What would you target for him in a trade (I have Doyle)?

Thought about packaging him with Jordan Howard (who I'm also trying to get off of) for Aaron Jones/AP+Evans/Marvin Jones or adding a piece to try to get Beckham/Fournette or maybe going after James Connor... thoughts? 14team PPR league: Fitzpatrick; Keenan, Diggs, Fitzgerald, DJ Moore; Michel, J White, Kerryon, J Howard; Doyle, Gronk.


No Thursday show this week?

end of the line for lynch?

thoughts on nick mullens dynasty stock

who to cut for a defense? 12 team short bench. Standard scoring.

mahomes, hunt, connor, Chubb, Ingram, Fournette, Tyreek, Beckham, Gordon, Sutton, graham, Howard, Zuerlein. 


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Who to start at Flex in a 12 tm PPR?

10 pts per TD, 5 pt bonus if TD over 50 yards and 10 point bonus if +100 yds receiving.

Trequan Smith v LAR 

Doug Baldwin v LAC

Amari Cooper v TEN


Mr. Bloom,

Ex Winston owner.  Therefore, please rank the below QB's ROS:







Any concerns about S. Barkley, if the Giants were to make a change at QB?  Maybe less targets?  Would you in any way, consider dealing him, preemptively?

When Quincy Enunwa returns, will he play the slot?  Or, primarily on the outside?

Alex Collins owner.  If he is unable to play this week, what Ravens RB is the pickup?

As always, your help is greatly appreciated.

Another (mostly) flex question (no PPR, otherwise standard scoring).  Playing the first place team and I'm on the edge of qualifying for the playoffs.

I'm starting Goff (QB), Cooks (WR), McCaffrey (RB), Elliott (RB), and Herndon (TE)

I need one more WR and a flex (so, two total, no more than one of whom can be at RB, although both could be at WR), choosing between:





DJ Moore 

Thanks, Bloom!

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Hey sig

Ppr qb pick 1- rivers or wilson

PPR rb pick 1- ekeler, Riddick or McGuire 

Ppr  (how would you rank these players for this week) gronk, golladay, sutton, ridley, or dj moore

Thank you

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Hi Bloom

Choose 1

Nojoku or OJ Howard ..

tds 10

ppr = 1 point

bonus for 75 yards receiving 

bonus for 6 catch game

1 point for every 10 yards

Choose 1

Drake or Peterson

bonus for 100 yard rusher

ppr=1 point

tds 10 

1 point for every 10 yards total ..

Flex choose 1

Tyrell Williams 

Scantling with Allison groin  issue at practice today 

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Both WRs on bye, please pick 2  standard 1 ppr:








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Hi Sig,

Please pick 3 in order of importance for bench stash in PPR: Fitzgerald, Davis, Sutton, Trequan, MVS, Doyle, Engram (have Cook).

Thanks Sig

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12 team standard league who should I start as my WR3?

Lockett vs LAC

Trequan Smith vs LAR

Have Sony playstation in my flex right now.

Take a chance on him or put T. Coleman in?

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QB start 1 - Brees vs LAR, Fitz at Car or Ryan at Wash 

WR start 1 - Ridley at Wash, A.Cooper vs Ten, Sutton vs Hou, Parker vs NYJ, Golladay at Min

D start 1 - NE D vs GB, Sea D vs LAC or Buf D vs Chi

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Got a few coin flips for you this week...

Mahomes @ CLE    or    Peterman vs CHI   Considering Peterman, because he is playing at home vs a cakewalk defense

Gurley @ NO   or   Booker vs HOU   Gurley may be scripted out, due to a high scoring game

Bloom vs Dodds vs Tremblay   Leaning Tremblay this week, because he has my guys higher than the rest

Hope this gave you a chuckle.   :D

Good morning kind sir. I hope you were able to watch or at least listen to the Vegas Halloween show. Classic bait and switch. 

1. PPR — Start Herndon without any definitive news on Gronk? Would have to  drop Hyde for the likes of Kendricks or JSmith or Shultz otherwise. 

2. PPR — PLEASE PICK 2 ROS (I’m 6-2)

Hyde, Royce Freeman, McGuire, MDavis, Josh Adams, Malcolm Brown, Ware

3. PPR -  need to pick up RB for WEEK 10

Josh Adams vs DAL on Sunday night

Blount @ CHI

Jacquizz vs WAS

TIA and good luck!

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Thanks in advance!

Goff vs NE

Watson vs DEN

Fitzmagic vs CAR

Conner vs BAL

Cohen vs BUF

Murray/Cook vs DET

I know Conner is normally a must start but Baltimore is really good against the run, so I needed to check in with you.

Beckham and Boyd are on bye. Pick 3;

Gordon vs GB

Baldwin vs LAC

Sutton vs HOU

Gallup vs TEN

TJ Jones vs MIN

Treadwill or Robinson vs DET

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Good day Sig

Need your wisdom on this starting conundrum. Standard scoring, need two from:

Conner - almost impossible to bench but I did once...against the Ravens early on. Correct decision then, how about now?

AP - only started him once and he failed miserably against the Colts. However, Falcons are dreadful against the run...

Chubb - hasn't been too stellar in the two games but volume is there and they may look to lean on the run more against the Chiefs?

Already starting Hill and M.Thomas - assuming health, you'd start those two without hesitation combined with two from the above?

Thanks and GL to you!


1) Cam or Brees (6 points per TD)

2) Sanders or Drake in a standard league

3) In terms of dynasty prospects in a standard league, which two guys would you stash: James Washington, Deshaun Hamilton, Chris Warren, Justin Jackson and Antonio Callaway. 

As always, thx for all you do! 

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Trade question Sig,

The Gordon owner is shopping him around in a 14 team PPR league, 10 Rec/Rush yards per point.  I think he was asking for Devante Adams and Lindsay from another owner for Gordon.  Is Hill and AP or DJ the right value?  And would you try to get Gordon with my lineup or just stay put?

we start 2RBs, 2WRs, TE, and a RB/WR/T flex

thanks man

my team:

QB: Mahomes, Baker

RB: DJ, AP, Collins, Fournette

WR: Hill, Thielen, Edelman, Smoke, Keke

TE: Graham, Engram

His Team:

QB: Rivers

RB: Gordon, Howard, Yeldon, Riddick

WR: JuJu, Moore(SEA), Jordy, Sanu, Agholor, Hogan

TE: Hooper

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PPR league. Need one RB:

* N. Chubb vs KC -- Good matchup, but could get blown out by KC offense. Unsure if he'll be catching balls out of the backfield.


* A. Jones @NE -- Decent matchup. Did he breakout last week? Not sure. Should be a high scorer.

Note: I'm projected to win by a large margin. Probably looking for floor vs. ceiling.



Need a QB. 6 points per passing TD, 1 pt for every 5 completions.

* M. Stafford @MN -- Stafford's record against Zimmer's D not so good. Not a great matchup. 

* D. Prescott vs TN -- Not a great matchup, but Dak trending up and Cooper in fold. (Note: I am also starting Zeke...lot of eggs in a low scoring basket).

* B. Mayfield vs KC -- May have to play catchup, but KC secondary has been playing better and may get Houston back.

* C. Keenum vs HOU -- Houston has a bunch of injuries in the secondary, but DEN just lost DT. 



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No PPR .. 1pt/10 yrd rec 

Need 2 for FLEX

Keenan Allen @ Sea

John Brown vs PIT 

Cooper Kupp @ NO

Kenny Golladay @ MN      

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Already down 19pts with the night Kittle had, so I need some help this week. 

Details: 12-team, .5 PPR, Passing TD's = 4pts, 3yr Keeper league (QRRWWTFKD)

My roster (Starters in Bold)

  • QB: Watson, Fitzmagic
  • RB: Gurley, Kamara, Lindsay, Chubb, I. Smith
  • WR: AJ Green (bye), TY Hilton, (bye) J. Gordon, Gabriel, T. Smith, Ty Williams
  • TE: Gronk (assuming he's playing), Engram
  • K: Zuerlein
  • DST: MIN
Question 1: WDIS at QB?

Question 2: WDIS at WR (pick 2 - looking for upside as I'm the underdog)

  • J. Gordon vs. GB
  • Gabriel @ BUF
  • T. Smith vs. LAR
  • Ty Williams @ SEA

For reference, my opponent's roster listed below:

  • QB: Ryan
  • RB: K. Hunt, C. Thompson, Michel (2 of 3 start)
  • WR: Thielen, AB, T. Hill (if playing), Landry (if Hill is out)
  • TE: Kittle
As always, I greatly appreciate your help

Hey Bloom, thanks in advance for all your help.

Got a real roster problem this week, 12 team league, 1 PPR, standard scoring.

I have Luck on a bye, and have to drop 1 player to pick up one QB scrub.

Here is my roster, who do I drop?  Do I PU Darnold @ Mia;  OR Osweiler VS Jets; ?

QBAndrew Luck IND QB

RBTodd Gurley LAR RB

RBJordan Howard CHI RB

WRAdam Thielen MIN WR

WRMarquez Valdes-Scantling GB WR

WRKenny Golladay DET WR

TEJared Cook OAK TE

FlexTre'Quan Smith NO WR

PKBrett Maher DAL PK

DEDallas Cowboys DAL DE

BenchGiovani Bernard CIN RB

BenchChris Thompson WAS RB

BenchSpencer Ware KC RB

BenchMalcolm Brown LAR RB

BenchRandall Cobb GB WR

BenchTaylor Gabriel CHI WR

BenchDemaryius Thomas HOU WR

BenchJack Doyle IND TE

Need 2 WRs of these 4. PPR league.

* J. Gordon vs GB -- Should be a shootout. Not sure if J. Alexander will be on Gordon. Getting targeted.

* J. Brown vs PIT -- Got deep vs Steelers in first matchup. Pit D has tightened up a bit.

* M. Valdes-Scantling @NE -- Allison may be out. Shootout potential.

* DJ Moore vs TB -- Great matchup. Torry Smith ruled out.

Note: Projected to win by decent margin. Probably looking for floor vs. ceiling.

Which 2?


As a 5th RB stash in a ppr league, who would you rather roster, Peyton Barber or Elijah McGuire? What is McGuire's upside?

watson or fitzpatrick? std scoring, -2 for TO's... if it matters im favored to win matchup

different league, 0.5ppr, pick 2: golladay, crabtree, amari

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Hey Sig!

Need two of the following QB's for my superflex league.  Passing TD's are worth 4 points for less than 10 yards, 8 points for 10-39 yards and 12 points for 40+.

I've got Goff @ NO, Deshaun Watson @ DEN, and Fitzmagic @ CAR.


Sig, thanks for all you do here. Need a QB replacement for bye week blues, can you give me your top 2 or 3 out of this group (6 pt TD, 1 pt 25 yds):


A Smith






Also, need to drop one of below for the QB:


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Hey Bloom, last week you advised Peterson over Cohen and, though I was cursing after the 1st quarter, you were right!

need 2 RBs from Conner, Peterson, Cohen, Chubb, Collins. Conner didn’t too well at home to the Ravens, should I consider (gasp) benching him this week?

thanks, oh wise one!

Favorite last roster spot RB (12 team ppr):

Jamaal Williams (owned currently)

chase edmunds 

rod smith 

Rashaad Penny 

Josh Adams

malcolm Brown

Do I hang on to Marquise Goodwin? I’m partial to a (supposed) #1 but the last few weeks have been brutal...

12 team Ppr - options to swap:

T Gabriel (Trubisky horrifies me)

mike Williams

Chris Kirk

tyrell Williams 

Half point PPR: 

rb, rb, wr, wr, rb/wr

chubb, AP, Cohen, brandin Cooks, Keenan Allen, Kenny G

which player do you keep on the bench?  

Played against Kittle in TNF, so behind a bit of that changes rational. 


Non-PPR Standard scoring.  Need a RB and Flex: Chubb/Michel/Ingram/Coutee/Tre'Quan


You've provided great answers thus far this year.  I may not have taken all your advice (to my own detriment) so thank you.

League 1:

  • QB w/ standard scoring 

    Rivers or Ryan (leaning Rivers off the bye w/ Ryan stats on road being poor although Rivers on the road too)

[*]Need 2 RB w/ standard scoring + PPR

  • Conner, Chubb, Gordon, Howard (leaning Gordon and Chubb w/ Conner vs Balt and Gordon still struggling in my view and a tough BUF DEF although I think Conner is probably more of a threat to catch the ball than Chubb but I don't know??)
  • Can you also provide/suggest a contingency plan if Gordon is out?  I do have Ekelar.

[*]Need 1 for FLEX w/ standard scoring + PPR

  • based on who you might not have suggested above at RB + Ekelar or Funchess (leaning Funchess)
  • Same thing here if Gordon is out and what impact?

League 2: 

  • Need 2 RB w/ standard scoring + PPR and bonus at 100 yds rushing as well as bonus w/ 100 yds receiving

    Gordon, Chubb, Ingram, Ekelar (leaning Gordon & Chubb)
  • Same request as above if Gordon is out.  Good thing is that both LAC and NO play 4PM games

[*]****WR  Starting Hopkins and Landry *****

[*]Need a FLEX (same scoring as above)_

  • Odd man out RB from above? or Cole Beasley or Marquez Valdes Scantling (MVS targets increasing week by week)

Thank You

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Standard league - Kerryon, Collins or Eckler

0.5PPR - flex - Chubb, Cooper, Coutee, Corey Davis

Thanks Sig!!!!


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