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Westwood One broadcast of DEN-NWE game (1 Viewer)


Having a great season
I drive a semi over the road a lot, so I miss seeing several games in person. Last week I was talking about how I listened to the Rose Bowl on ESPN radio and it sounded like a home game broadcast for USC. Not that I cared who won or lost in that game, but I thought it should have been non-biased (which is what Westwood One purports to be). Once it was over, I thought, "That was unusual. But I can't see something like that happening again anytime soon- especially if it's supposed to be a balanced broadcast." Boy was I wrong.Listening to the Westwood One broadcast of the Denver-New England game last night was like listening to a Hall Of Fame induction ceremony for every member of the Patriots. And people wonder why there was so much anti-Patriots sentiment going around this year. I am admittedly a Jets fan, but I let me say that I have had nothing but admiration for the job the Patriots have done in their amazing run over the last several years. So I wasn't rooting for them to lose. I just wanted to hear the game.But as soon as Westwood One's broadcast started, I realized that they were making me want the Broncos to win. I don't know who did the game -it's usually Marv Albert and Boomer Esiason, but it wasn't them last night. I don't think they even called the Patriots "The Patriots" until it was mid 4th quarter and it seemed fairly evident that they were going to lose. Up to that point, every time New England was mentioned, they were called "The World Champions". No kidding, it was along the lines of: "Dillon- off the right side, looking for room, and he dives forward for 3 yards. So it'll be 3rd and 2 for the World Champions". How freaking annoying. The level of absurdity in continuing with this schtick actually made me laugh several times.Couple this with the fact that every time Denver did anything good for themselves, the announcers were right on top of it with some pro-Pats commentary. "And Plummer completes a long pass to Rod Smith. That's good for Denver, but if the Broncos hope to keep the World Champions down, they will probably need to take some time off the clock here, because we all know what Tom Brady can do to you if he is given enough time. You aren't going to send the World Champions home that easy." I honestly don't think I am exaggerating here. If someone else heard this broadcast, I would like to get their perspective on what they thought they heard.Anyway, congrats to the Broncos and their fans, and congrats to the Patriots on representing the AFC East with an amazing run over the last 4 years.


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