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RB Jaleel McLaughlin, DEN (1 Viewer)

Luv this dude's game. Not sure it will result in enough fantasy points to make me or you happy, but excited to watch him try this weekend and beyond.
He just won’t get enough touches with Williams healthy. It’s Achane touches with a third of the production.

Touches last night:

Javonte: 10
Jaleel: 9

^^^ No prediction with the above. One game. Small sample. But I will say that *IF* Jaleel McG gets ~similar # of touches as Javonte, then I very much look forward to seeing what he does with them.
LIkely benching him this week for Doubs, not confident in that Denver offense, especially if there are snow conditions.
I was a bit surprised on how many touches they gave Javon. Clearly a change of pace back - they need to sit Perine and give those touches to Jaleel
jaleel seems to be the #2 now - still cant understand why they use Perine in hurry up
Hard to say who gets more run if Williams goes down. I actually think for this year Perine would get the bigger chunk. Imo
I think Perine would take pretty much all of Javonte's load.

I held Jaleel all season, but watching him try to pass block Monday night, it's just hard for me see him getting volume. It's one thing to miss assignments, but when you know where to be, and for the defender, it really doesn't matter, I'm not sure how you over come that one.

Obviously, he can have big games on limited touches though.

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