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What are the TYPES of mistakes you make in fantasy drafts? (1 Viewer)

Also, I'm starting to get a little spooked on the Tampa offense. Every year there are things we're sure of that just ain't so, and I'm worried that will be this year's version
This is another good one for this topic:
• don’t let a preseason narrative fade quality players.

The TB offense / OL has lost a couple of pieces. They’re still likely a top 10 offense at worst. They’re loaded with talent, and with Brady/Evans/Lenny they’ll find ways to move the ball. Lenny’s a tight crease runner, & his receiving role seems relatively safe.

There’s been a lot of negative press on TB this off-season. I’d take it with a grain of salt. TB12 is still the 🐐 until he proves ofnerwise.
Yeah, that's where we just have a difference of opinion. When it comes down to it, I don't really trust that Lenny is a quality player.

I definitely still trust Evans, and I mostly still trust Brady, although there is the worry that one year he's going to fall off the cliff a la Peyton. But Fournette's not in that class.

Anyway, we'll know soon enough which of us is right. Incidentally, this doesn't really fit the thread, but I've noticed over the past few years that I mostly stay away from the individual player threads before the draft. I remember a few years back I was really in on Cam to emerge as a QB1, then I read his thread here and people with strong opinions convinced me I was off-base. And of course that was the year he was league MVP. I do have various fantasy experts whose opinions I trust, but when it comes to determining what I think of an individual player I find it's helpful to limit the number of inputs.
Too many mock drafts. This is the first year I did not do any of them and it just feels much better and more natural. I do recommend building your team from the last round to your first on excel as opposed to mocking because it gives you the framework of what you’d like your team to look like and what types of positions you want to draft at their cost.

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