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What are your Hobbies? (1 Viewer)


Specifically what and how many hobbies do you have.  I have hobbies that I do fairy consistently and hobbies that I want to do but do not have the time or stuff to make it happen.  I really need to whittle my hobbies down because I have little time and all of this crap adds up.  Trying to narrow things down a good bit.

Somewhat active Hobbies:

1. Games (My way to de-stress)

2. Spending time with my family

2. Watching Sports

3. Reading

4. House honey do’s

5. Bonsai - Santa brought me one

Inactive Hobbies

1. Jeeps

2. Fly Fishing / Tying Flies

3. Fishing in general

4. Pottery - Think ghost.

5. Mountain Bikining - Fixing my current bike.

6. Drawing

Hobbies that intrigue me

1. Woodworking - Need a few more tools.  Have built a few things.

2. Target Shooting - Went with my dad this weekend and my 7 year old had a blast.

3. Photography - Macro and possible aerial (drone)

4. Learn to play the Geetar.


Gianni Verscotchie

Over the years I whittled down my hobbies down to:

Inside Hobbies: Guitar, Gaming, Sim Racing, Working on cars, Golf

Outside Hobbies: Golf, Cycling

I think it's important to have some things that are easy to pick up and put down without leaving the house. I can't tell you how many times I pick up the guitar throughout the day even if only for a few minutes.

I avoid hobbies that take lots of planning and preparation - like spear fishing 



I have four.

1. Running/Working out-I used to run marathons, but arthritis keeps my mileage pretty limited these days.  Who knew you needed cartilage?  I have replaced a lot of the running with weights and gym cardio.

2. Fantasy sports.  

3. Sportscasting- So I get paid for this, so it could be considered a part-time job.  I do radio PBP for the local University and home games for Basketball and baseball.

4. I collect old beer cans (see avatar).  I used to buy and sell them, but now I am pretty much just a dumper.  I find rusty old cans in dumps behind hunting camps or county-line bars and clean them up with citric acid.  I have a couple thousand.



Other than hanging out here?

Health - triathlons, working out

Building stuff and generally working around the house - trying to get more into it

Yard - will be doing some heavier yard work this spring

Playing games with the fam.

Mentoring youth group (currently 2nd graders, will probably stick with this group though HS) 

Want to get into archery. Just haven't taken the time yet.

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My Main 4:

Golf   (Spring/Summer/Fall hobby)

Skiing (Winter hobby)

Guitar (year round)

Weed (year round)

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With my son - Trading cards, watching sports, WWE, Ice Skating, Video games.

Some of just mine - Fantasy Football/Hockey, Playing Ice Hockey, WWE, Going out to eat.



The harmonica

Keeping up on..

track & field


pre 1970 boxing

the Sword & Sorcery novel

silent movies

the rasslin', an historian

roots music buff

bodybuilding....not freaky about it to the point of dieting

music in general



Lifting weights, playing guitar, reading, cooking, board games, watching the Patriots. Hoping to buy a house in 2020 and add gardening to that list.

I guess you could also add playing craps. Fiancee and I try to get to the casino a few weekends a year.

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Watching local pro sports teams 

Fantasy football 


As I reduce my obesity I hope to golf & hike this summer. 



No kids at 44 so hobbies are important to me

1. Watching sports & gambling on sports including fantasy

2. Playing sports (hoops and golf) and cardio exercise 

3.  Money management 

4.  Live poker 

5.  Travel - have been to 49 countries, goal of reaching 100

6.  Film and music

7.  Eating out with the gf

8.  learning from the internet and this forum

9.  Clash Royale addicition

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Hanging out with my kids

Occasional poker

Watching sports on TV (this seems to be the most prevalent these days)

Fantasy sports


I used to love to mountain bike but I haven't been actively doing it in quite some time.  I just don't have the time... or don't make the time.  Plus I've become lazy in my old age.



TV/streaming services

sports on TV


video games

playing with dog

basketball on weekends

arguing on footballguys


dining out/dinner dates with wife


Bull Dozier

Current (two boys in high school, recent college graduate):

-Watching sports

-Playing video games

-Coaching youth sports

Once all the kids are gone, I'd like to improve my hobbies.  I have a few I've thought about, but they take too much time and or effort than I have right now with kids at home still.

-Some sort of craft that could be (very small) side hussle, such as woodwork or leather work

-I've seen some people on this board do sports broadcasting on the side.  I've also watched some high school games on the internet.  The quality I've seen isn't that great, so even though it isn't necessarily a skill in my wheelhouse, it sounds fun and I can't be any worse than the people I've seen in that realm.

-Taking coaching more seriously.  I'm about done with traveling sports, mainly due to the parents.  I would like to give freshman basketball a shot (assuming I could find a varsity coach who would let me run it the way I would want).



Listing these out I think I might have too many hobbies.  Whats the difference between a hobby and stuff you're interested in/like to do?


Drunken knight

when i can:




sports fan... used to play volleyball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, football, basketball... not so much these days




Woodworking. Specifically wood turning. I've made flat stuff in the past, but the lathe really captures my attention





Working around the house doesn't seem like much of hobby, more like a must do. I suppose that the activities are really hobbies, but they don't seem it. With 1 kid already in college and 2 more in the foreseeable future I hope to indulge all these more. 



Just me:

play guitar/write songs

Fantasy Football

Collect and listen to vinyl records

Me and my son:

Play/Practice basketball

Play/Practice football

Collect football trading cards

That’s pretty much it. Coaching my son takes up the most time but it’s so worth it!! Trying to make more time for my music now that my kids are getting older. I miss playing in a band and is my next goal/project. 



Vintage Audio / Records - When you have a really good system and time to just "listen", it becomes an entirely different thing. 

Videogames - I play my Xbox almost daily. I buy a lot of games

Toastmasters - I dig public speaking, and want to do more.

Home Projects - I'm getting older, so the heavy work is less, but a Sunday spent puttering in my garage with a beer or three is a really nice day.  

Other hobbies:

Photography, handguns, movies (I have quite the collection), golf.



Hobby/side job

Football Officiating( year round work)

Cycling/running to be in shape for above

Video games with kids

No time for anything else, hardly enough time for this.



  • Board games - have 3, sometimes 4, groups of friends that we play with.

    Own ~120 games that I've played at least twice.

[*]Hosting Sheep and other sundry games here at the FFA

  • RIP

[*]Pro wrestling

  • going to nearby indie shows
  • watching the television product
  • particularly keen on New Japan Pro Wrestling

[*]Commentator (usually play-by-play) for speedrun and randomizer races on twitch

  • most often A Link to the Past Randomizer (as found here)

[*]Disc golf

  • whatever the weather

And then... there's

  • Dungeons & Dragons

    basically my life with those other hobbies and a business analyst career sprinkled in

    Monday home game 3-4x a month
  • Thursday home game 2x a month (online at Roll20)
  • Saturday breakfast DM roundtable discussion 1x a month

    Since December of last year
  • Cover stuff that every DM goes through
  • Discuss different approaches to the game
  • What works, what doesn't, what we want to experiment with in the future

[*]Wednesday night partnership with local brewery to bring #dungeonbarcrawl to my community

  • Since September of last year
  • Half-Batch Brewing in Hendersonville, TN
  • We're growing: from 5 at a local game store in February, to a regular 30 every week

    When the weather gets warm we're going to have to add another night or find an additional venue!

    I have my sights set on a couple of venues in Nashville proper

[*]Cast member of a YouTube webseries

  • Masters of the Box Season 1 Premiere is Wednesday, January 30 at 7 PM CT

    I'm unbelievably stoked

[*]Running a couple of the official social media accounts

  • I'll probably put a thread up about it tomorrow since we're 2 weeks away




-I play basketball 1-2 nights a week most of the year. 

-Video games but they’re getting to the end of their useful life. Unless something invatove or a new quality football game comes out I may need to take this and the next generation off. 

Non active - things I wish I did more of:



-jet skiing 

-I have a truck and motorcycle I work on but I need a larger space with a lift. We’re considering moving or throwing a hundred grand into our existing house. 



I've had really random hobbies over the years, most of the :nerd:  variety.

- Creating Indiana Jones prop replicas

- Building RC Boats - the nice tugboat/chris craft/yacht replicas.

- Fantasy writing/worldbuilding

- College Basketball number crunching.  I make spreadsheets and run charts and graphs to help me finish last in my bracket pools.



  • Board games - have 3, sometimes 4, groups of friends that we play with.

    Own ~120 games that I've played at least twice
Can you recommend some fun board games that are not the common/usual ones?  I’m always looking for a fun new board game to play. 



I have four.

1. Running/Working out-I used to run marathons, but arthritis keeps my mileage pretty limited these days.  Who knew you needed cartilage?  I have replaced a lot of the running with weights and gym cardio.

2. Fantasy sports.  

3. Sportscasting- So I get paid for this, so it could be considered a part-time job.  I do radio PBP for the local University and home games for Basketball and baseball.

4. I collect old beer cans (see avatar).  I used to buy and sell them, but now I am pretty much just a dumper.  I find rusty old cans in dumps behind hunting camps or county-line bars and clean them up with citric acid.  I have a couple thousand.
I have a couple thousand empties too...but they're in my garage, & they're not old.



Video games



Fantasy football

Little league manager

Not sure if those are all hobbies but it's what I like to do. 


Ron Swanson

I lose interest in most of my hobbies pretty quickly.


Saltwater Fishing - mostly offshore/nearshore, some inshore.

Home Automation

Liquor Infusions 

Golf Cart Modding

Charcuterie & Sausage Making






Rebuilding and flipping motorcycles.

Long distance motorcycle rides.









The Town Drunk
My dad was a great man. He passed away 3 years ago just shy of my parent's 60th anniversary. They raised 5 great kids, but their entire lives revolved around their kids. My parents didn't go out at night. They didn't have hobbies--we were their hobbies. I see that now that my dad is gone and my mom is alone--she doesn't know what to do with herself. She is 84 and spends her days watching FoxNews or whatever show and that is it.  She calls and tells me how bored she is, but she doesn't know HOW to do anything else other than to be a wife and parent.

I feel myself becoming (heck, I am) the same person. I basically starting dating my wife after high school and we have been together over the past 30 years. I have things I want to do, but I feel guilty when I do them--I always have. Most of the time when I do try this--like say a video game, I will have a daughter there magically joining me.  We have one girl in college and another in high school--both high achievers, popular and tops of their class--but they love to be around us. Heck,  I have talked to both on the phone as I have typed this.   My wife and I never go out at night without them. I mean we manage usually two or three date days a year only because we pre-plan it, but the kicker is, we both feel guilty for it--like we are being bad parents for not making them part of it. 

So hobbies? I love to collect sports cards.  I have two huge rooms dedicated to them, but we have to pay for my daughter's college and our other daughter's extra curricular activities, so this hobby takes a back seat to all that monetarily. I love to game (we have three PS4's and one Xbox One), but as I mentioned above. this is a challenge as I feel guilty about leaving my wife and kids and going off and just doing this. I have more sealed, unplayed games than I care to admit 😌/. I am here way too much because my profession accommodates it. I am going to be able to retire here in four years at 53--so  I hope this will be a turning point for me. I have a 69 Mustang I have had since I was four years old (1973 my dad got it), so I really want to make that a retirement project., but I worry because I have had type one diabetes since I was seven. I take four shots a day and I know my life expectancy is diminished to lower than the normal person. Will I actually get to do this? 

It is a quandary--I know I am a great dad. I try to be a good husband and maybe that is good enough for a life? So maybe that is my hobby.  

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Working out - 4 days/week

playing guitar/singing - almost every day for 30 minutes   

fantasy football for 5 months of the year

Im trying to put together an acoustic duo thing which would require me to dedicate more time to the guitar hobby.   Not sure that I have the available time but you don't know until you try.    



I feel like my hobbies are fading with age. I spend a lot of time multitasking. Posting here, watching netflix, and working (doing some of that right now).

Fantasy football has decreased over the last five years. (used to commish a large salary capped league, plus others) Now I spend maybe an hour a week on fantasy football.

Still enjoy watching football. But, find that I don't watch football all day every Sunday. Mostly just the Bears game. 

Still like photography when I can. I don't carry my big DSLR as much as I used to. I like to travel light. 

Hunting and fishing are still there. But, I find I care less about the hunt or fishing and just enjoy spending time with family and friends. Haven't harvested a deer in years. 

I used to collect ball cards and memorabilia. But haven't bought, or really looked at my collection in years. 

Use to build remote control cars when the kids were younger. I built them, they destroyed them. 



Just had a similar conversation with my wife the other day.  I'm similar to @Courtjester and in that my most recent hobbies revolve around my kids.  My wife thinks I'm getting too involved and need to step back and find something that is just mine.  I enjoy watching baseball/football - and I manage the stats for my son's travel baseball team.  I'm a numbers guy by heart and a business analyst, so to me doing the stats and scouting other travel teams is part of the fun.  I do it for myself, but every now and then the coach asks me to run a few numbers for an upcoming tournament.  I enjoy it, but my wife thinks it's an appropriate hobby.  Outside of that, I don't do much else besides watch TV or play video games with the kids.

My parents didn't do much when I was growing up, aside from a random bowling league, they watched TV all the time.  I see myself falling into the same routine.  I used to play in a softball league, but age is getting to me.  My knees aren't what they were and the younger kids are taking over the teams.  I guess I need to find something to do, just not sure what that something should be.  Reading through everyone's posts, I actually feel like I"m behind the 8ball by not having any real hobbies.  I don't know how to play the guitar.  I don't know how to fix or build cars.  I can't grill or taste the subtle differences in wine/beer.  At 41, I'm young enough to now that I need something to do, but too old to fall back on things I liked as a kid (comic books, video games), as those things have passed me by many, many years ago.  

Any suggestions for a nerd who is not handy, has no mechanical aptitude, and is way out of shape?  I tried to make "working out" my thing, but that doesn't last. I get bored quickly.  Not a runner - I tried, but between my flat feet and boredom, I couldn't stick with it.

I've tried the shooting range, and I'm pretty good at that - just not sure it's a sustainable hobby.  I don't own any guns, so I'd have to go with my FIL or rent at the range.

I like Golf, and will try to play more over the Spring/Summer/Fall.  I haven't played much in recent years, but used to try to get out at least once a week when I was younger.

I like to travel, but again, not a sustainable hobby.  I lack the income to be able to do anything regularly, or go to the places that I really want to go (Ireland, England, Japan, Australia).

I've coached Little League, but determined I'd rather run numbers and help as a volunteer instead of leading a team.

Considered Axe Throwing or Archery.  Just need to find something to do, instead of living in the rut I'm in now, I guess.



Rhythmdoctor said:
Can you recommend some fun board games that are not the common/usual ones?  I’m always looking for a fun new board game to play. 
Depends what you mean by common.  Like Monopoly, Clue, etc?

Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Agricola, Pandemic, Carcossone are all classics.



Fantasy Football and watching football  

Woodworking - Furniture building

Snowboarding, though my knees don’t allow much of this anymore. 


Some Madden and Forza, though this is falling off as time goes by.  

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Sorry about that @Rhythmdoctor - didn't mean to ignore you. Check out Scoresman's recommendations above and come join us for the last few pages of the board game thread. :)




Video Gaming

Drinking Beer

Running kids to and from sports

On Hold:

Coin collecting

Stamp collecting


Sports card collecting


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