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what do you expect from the Niners after the bye (1 Viewer)


what kind of changes are you expecting from the Niners now that Nolan is gone and Singletary is at the helm?

can he turn chicken s### into chicken salad?

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(I don't know if he does or not) He's gotta know when to turn it on and when to turn it off and be the wise older guy everyone respects. Probably his biggest influence, Buddy Ryan, didn't. The Davis+Morgan benching, and mooning (rumor or truth) was pretty much what I'd expect of a Buddy Ryan type guy. (Morgan started, dropped a pass, and was benched) Davis and Morgan may need the wisdom now. ALOT of former players that turn coaches, struggle to realize that players are not "made" like them. He may have some adjusting to do.

I would soooo not be surprised if he's been on the phone with former Bears teammate Jeff Fisher alot.

He sent his message, time to coach.

Singletary managed to lose by three TDs to a bad Seattle team. I expect them to continue to suck.

I'm skeptical, but very interested in seeing if the tantrum lights a fire under Davis. He's got the talent and opportunity, but clearly needs to grow up.


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