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What do you guys think of NE running backs? (1 Viewer)


Jets have one of best run defenses in league.

Very sloppy field and rainy conditions.

What do you guys think of Benjarvis Green Ellis production?

What about Kevin Faulk?

Is either one of them a solid play tonight?

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that field should drain pretty well, so I don't know how supersloppy it will be.

give the jets their due as a pretty tough run d, but don't underestimate the pats run game, either --- they got lamont jordan 65 yards on only 11 carries against the jets in the first meeting, and I expect the pats to want to run the ball a lot.

editing in a link to the fieldturf surface:


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I'm pretty sure the field will not be "sloppy" since it is field turf. It drains very well so unless its a torrential downpour it probably won't puddle up much at all. Could still be slippery though.

I just posted in the Pats' WR thread that the rain stopped a few hours ago and it turned into a beautiful night here in Boston (not sure about Foxboro - but it's not all that far away).


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