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What do you need Monday Night (1 Viewer)


i am up 2 points going into tonight....I have: Deion BranchHe has: Adam Viniteri :boxing: :boxing: :boxing: Its gonna be a close game tonight......Go Branch!!!!

I am up int he SFL against a 15-0 team and I have nobody left, but a 1.402 point lead.

He has LB-Willie McGinest-NE who averaged 1.09 PPG over the season so far.

Scoring Category Points Per:

Tackle 0.2

Assist 0.1

Sack 1.0

INT Caught 1.5

Forced Fumble 0.5

Safety 1.0

Return TD 2.0

So if Willie got, say, 7 1/2 tackles, or even anything special like a scak or pick, then I lose.

And this has been one of the highest scoring games we have ever had.

38.924 to 37.522

He was the #1 league scorer and I was #3, and we combined to average 68.311 PPG. This game we are at 76.446 so far...

Need 18 points from Coles= DOOMED No way he hits 120 and a TD

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In order of probability...Game 1:Nugent to throw an interception and not kick any extra points or field goals.Game 2:NEP D/ST to combine for 2 touchdowns.Game 3:Deion Branch to have 100 receiving yards.

For the Patriot Defense to have the game of the Century...Sacks, Interceptsions, Fumble Recoveries, TDs, blocked kicks, the Works!!! 60 minutes of total domination!!!!In other words, I pretty much conceded to my loss....64 pts is way too much to overcome! LOL

I need Givens to get 4.3pts (2 receptions for 23yds)Get it done and overwith in the first DRIVE please.

Up by 39 points, and I need Brady to tank horribly and the Jets offense to carve up the Pats D like a Christmas turkey. Ah, holiday wishes...

I need 34 points from Brady and in our scoring format, he has not broken 30 points all year. I'm not holding out much hope! :popcorn:

I am down by 6 and I hold the tie-breaker. My opponent is done. Do you guys think I can scrounge 6 points from these 2 to take home a 2nd consecutive Championship? Justin McCareinsPatriots D/STScoring 1/20 and 6/TDPoints & Yardage scoring for defense:i) 326-350 total net yards allowed 1 pointii) 301-325 total net yards allowed 2 pointsiii) 276-300 total net yards allowed 3 pointsiv) 251-275 total net yards allowed 4 pointsv) 0-250 total net yards allowed 5 pointsb) i) 17-20 points allowed 1 pointii) 11-16 points allowed 3 pointsiii) 7-10 points allowed 5 pointsiv) 0-6 points allowed 7 pointsI like the fact that I have McCareins going against the Pat D. The Pats are totally shutting down the opponents run. I figure if the Jets have any success it will be throwing the ball and McCareins will be heavily involved. If the Pats shut everything down then they will get me sufficent points to pull of the victory. :banned:

Up until the last 1 1/2 minutes of the Ravens game last night-sack and fumble recovery for 4 points-I was going to start C. Houston, needing 17 yards and zero fumbles. Now in need of 57 yards w/o a fumble, have to go with Givens. Com'on Brady, just one more week to look his way.

Need Less than 6 pts from Branch and I win... If only I started Mark Clayton I would be in great shape. Branch cant get a TD (6pts) or 120 yds (6 pts)I will be biting my nails all night.

I need Dillon to have a horrible day........
:thumbup: 60 total yards or less would suffice and of course no score ... putting my faith in the all powerful Jets run D :unsure:
I would be happy with 60 yards. I down by 4 points. He is finished and I have Dillon left. I need 40 yards to win.
I need Dillon to either get me a TD and 100 yds or 2 TDs for me to win my bowl. Come on COREYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

we are tied, so I need Brady to outscore the Patriots Defense....I should be ok as long as there is no defensive or special teams TDcrossing my fingers!

My opponent needs 11.25 FF pts from Dillon to beat me and win the championship. Basically, Corey scores, I'll lose. Methinks this won't work out very well for me. :(

I just need 5 from Brady. An opening drive TD pass from him would be nice and seal the deal.
same scenario, down 5. lets get that TD out of the way so i can resume siphoning eggnog.


Brady will probably not play more than the first quarter, sorry to put a damper on the party.............they've already clinched their playoff spot and can't get homefield ad or a bye. They have nothing to play for other than the first part of the game. Brady = 85yds and 1 TDI sat Payton for Boller last night, he won it for me. I love that guy!

3 fumbles from Branch.Started McNair instead of Plummer/ GarrardStarted Ravens D instead of Arizona.I F'ed up!!!!

Up 17 with New England D to go. Opponent has Givens. Not saying a word about my chances, for fear of a jinx.

Need at least 20 yards total from C.Houston to win a redraft league and at least 6 pnts from Dillon and Brady to win a keeper league. My dynasty team ##### the bed this year, lol ...

League 1 Semifinals: 45 points from Brady, with none of them coming on TDs to Branch. :no: I think I'm looking at the third place game next week. League 2 Semifinals: Up by 6.51 points, I'm done and he has Dillon. If Dillon scores, I lose. :censored: Shaun Alexander.League 3 Super Bowl: 4 points from Brady. Either a TD or 200 yards and no interceptions will do it...let's hope! League 4 Semifinals: As long as Brady doesn't get -8 points I win! :pickle:


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