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What do you need on MNF? Week 10 edition (1 Viewer)


I’m up 27.75

I’m done Villain has Antonio Gibson

97% win probability

Whachagot & whaddayaneed?
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Need AJ Brown to get less than 17.2 in PPR. If he gets a TD, I'm toast. If not, will be close but I think I'll eek out a win.

Have him going in two other leagues, but have those games wrapped up, so putting the curse on him tonight and hoping for a big Devonta and Goedert game
Down 7 with his Gibson and my Sanders, Goedert, and Kamren Curl.

Should be tight, actually, even though I'm heavily favored. If things break right, Curl will take care of the deficit and then some and Sanders and Goedert will outpace Gibson.

Hoping for a lot of ToP for the Eagles because that's where I'm scoring points and only bad things happen when WAS has the ball.
I need D.Smith to put up 18.1 in 0.5ppr. Happens to be the first time all season I've needed anything on Monday night

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