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What do you need on MNF? Week 13 edition (1 Viewer)

Down 6 with Tampa Bay defense. Must win game, I lose and I miss playoffs. Started 1-6 in this league and currently 2nd in overall points scored. Just horrible luck with the schedule.
After his Pollard boat raced my JT last night I need a monster game from Evans. 120 yards and 2 TDs. Maybe a 3% chance, but at least no Lattimore. I would love to get 50-70 yards and a TD in the first half just to make him nervous
I'm up by 30.5, I have Olave and he has Evans. I'm currently 7-5 but first in points, he's won only one game - in Week 7, against me. I really don't want to lose twice to this guy.

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