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What do you need tonight? (1 Viewer)


Non PPR, need 11.6 points from Dennis Pitta. 56 yards and a TD- considering his 11 targets last week and the fact that there is no running game left there, it's possible. I'm calling a 30% chance.

Up by 35 and tonight it's my Calvin against his Stafford (that sounds kinds wrong...).

Feeling fairly confident! :cool:

I need Staford to have a huge night
Same here, except I need Pitta to do well too.

Something like

Suh - Sack and 3 tackles

Stafford - perform as the top 5 QB he is. Crappy thing is if I had started my backup QB (Tannehill), I'd feel a lot better right now.

Pitta - to be a top 10 TE this week.

Lions win

I'm not counting on it

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Up by 56.7 going into tonight against Calvin and Pettigrew. Basically need Calvin to not have a reapeat of the Dallas game.

Up 14 going against Detroit's D.

Up 42 going against Lions D and Tucker.

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Need 60 pts from Stafford (QB), Tucker (K), Suh (idp) and Webb (idp). Foles went for nearly 70 by himself yesterday in our scoring system, so it's "possible", but I'm not holding my breath.

Down 7, I have Bush or Bell, Daryl Smith and Akers, he still has Tulloch, Ihedigbo and Schwartz (Coaches points or negative points are based on much a team wins or loses by, less than 7 is a zero). It's PPR but yu also get good points for tackles so I think it will be close.

I need to jump in a time machine, have the NFL not adjust Bell's 9 yard reception from last week and then I'm in next week's FINAL!

8.9pts from Dennis Pitta in a PPR league.

5/39 or 4/49 or 1/19/1...whatever. Seems pretty doable, but I've been playing long enough to know anything is possible.

Tucker to hit alot of fgs. We get 3 for 30 and under, 4 for 40s, 5 for 50+. Need 20 points. guess its possible

In my PPR I need Stafford to outscore Justin Tucker by 20 points.....

In my other league I am up by 3 with Calvin and Rice going for me. Opponent is done. Nooooo fumbles..... LOL

Ppr up by 14 he has Calvin and I have Bush. As long as Bush plays and hangs with Calvin I'm good.

One league...Im already in and still have Calvin left.

Other league...TD only. Im up 7 points and have Calvin left. He has Stafford.

First TD to Calvin would go a long way for me.

I just need 9 F'ing points from the Detroit DST... here's to hoping the Waiver Wire Defense Week 15 thread did me right :banned:

Seriously though - 9 points... should be able to pull that off, but I'm not holding my breath. Gonna be close.

13 from Pitta non PPR

~25% chance imo
What I'm thinking. As I mentioned I'm in the same boat but 56 and a TD would do it for me. I'm thinking 25-30% chance.

The things going for us is that Baltimore can't run any more so they'll have to pass and that Pitta who was supposed to be limited last week had 11 targets.

I need Bush to absolutely dominate.
Whereas I need Bush to tweak his hammy in the first quarter and not return to the game. Or at least score less than 15.

But good news for you! I've lost a semi-final game by 1 point three times in the last three years, so I can confidently state that Bush will put up exactly 16 points tonight.

In non ppr, need Bush + Megatron to outscore Bell and Akers by 13.

In ppr, need Rice + Megatron + Levy to outscore Webb by 21.

I think I'll win my ppr matchup, not looking good for the non ppr league.

16 team PPR: down 1.82 pts. He's done, I have Pitta. I've been playing this game long enough to still be nervous

3 leagues... Down by 11.3 and I have J. Tucker.

Down by 40.8 and have Stafford, Rice

Up by 17.25 and have J.Tucker and he has Calvin.

All three leagues are ppr and Fg distance so 40 yard fg is 4 and 50 is 5 and 60 6............... Hoping to go 7/8 overall and these are only match ups left.....

Pitta needs to have a non-career threatening hamstring pull in warmups and miss the game thereby allowing me to win by 0.5 points.

Flacco to outscore Tucker by 3 points. Why do I think this is going to be a nail biter?

Oh yeah, beacuse I've put my playoff hopes on Joe Flacco!

Pitta needs to have a non-career threatening hamstring pull in warmups and miss the game thereby allowing me to win by 0.5 points.
Haha same here but I need Stafford to pull that hammy. I'm down 20 in ppr with Mega and Pitta but my opponent has Stafford. 6 PTS for passing touchdowns. Not looking good I say maybe a 10 percent chance.
5 straight championship games, 4 straight titles. Both streaks are on the line tonight.

I'm down by 19.54, and have Reggie Bush and Justin Tucker.

Yahoo projects the game to be decided by less than .2 points.

Needless to say, I will not be able to stomach the game tonight and will either wait until late tonight to check, or have a restless night's sleep and check in the morning.


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